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Why do girls get mad at their boyfriends for no reason, even when they know that you would do anything in the world for them?

Asked by allknowingone (59points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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There’s always a reason, you just might not see it as important enough…and she might not tell you why because of that.

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if you are really sure there is no reason, then you are an accomplished mind-reader. barring that, she could be into the drama. perhaps getting mad had less to do with you than it did to the people you were with…

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Because maybe you need to Remind her that you would do anything for her..

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I agreed with goldgirl…

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i agree with squirbel . . .

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Because they’re playing manipulative emotional games. Stop being willing to “do anything in the world for them” when they play games with your heart and your emotions, and you’ll quickly see that it’s just a game.

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Oh noes! We are not all manipulative… well…not for harm or gain. It’s not all games. Guys can be so insensitive and it’s hard to tell them what they did or said wrong because it seems petty once it’s out.

But it isn’t petty because it bothers us.

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My boyfriend and I have been together for a year….and while he does all the nicest things for me and takes me out all the time, I have been getting more and more irritated with him because our alone time and just-sit-and-talk time is nonexistent. I noticed I’ve been getting more annoyed with him faster because of it, but it’s hard to ask for more time. As he sees it, he’s taking me out alot and that should count. He’s spending lots of money and that should count.

I could really do without the spending. Really – I don’t want it anymore.

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Because men and women don’t speak the same language.something meaningless for you might be a great deal for her.

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maybe love is a battlefield??

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they always have a reason we just don’t always know what it is.

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because sometimes they are bored and want a challenge or a change. Stop giving her everything and give her something to work for then she probably won’t be getting bored enough to be mad at you for no reason.

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As Chris Rock said in his show,maybe is because you are her second choice.

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haha dang harsh.

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@squirbel: if the answer seems petty when you put it into words, it is petty.

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only if you’re insensitive [; haha
glad i can make myself laugh.

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I don’t know why “all girlfriends” get mad. I don’t know every single woman who ever had a boyfriend. If you’re wondering why your girlfriend is upset, and feel that you would do anything for her, then how about doing this: ask her.

I know my tone is totally snarky, but generalizations get on my nerves.

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Im telling you exactly why. No one is listening I’m a girl I know why we do the things we do.

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I think you missed angelina’s point~ she’s saying that the original poster was being too general in saying ALL girls act that way.

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this is true all girls arent like that and it was to general and I apologize for that

But what can I do when she doesnt talk to me?

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take initiative and talk to her. let her know that if she has a problem and she has no effort in her to bring it up then it’s more her problem, not yours. but don’t get too aggressive. (unless the whole point is to get you to take initiative.)

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Try to turn the argument into a positive, growing interaction. Men tend to think in analytical terms. How can I fix this? Women tend to think in terms of feelings, they don’t want to be fixed they want to interact. Next time she gets mad, instead of asking what’s wrong, ask her about what she’s feeling. Also on a daily basis try to get her to share more of how she feels about different things and try to really listen. You would be surprised how a little interaction on this level will go a long way towards a deeper connection.

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They get bored….often

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Why don’t you try asking her what’s bothering her instead of asking us? I’m not trying to be mean but direct communication with your partner usually helps in relationships.

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i know exactly what it is.
for some reason girls find it arousing or something in that nature to start arguing when us guys dont want to hear it.
if we have a good day they like to try to ruin it! my girl got mad bc as i guy i am aloud to play bball when i get the chance and i didnt walk with her in school for 5 min.

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sooo my x is dateing this other guy and she likes him but she loves me sud i let her go on try and date her ?

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