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What does a healthy neutered male dog look like in the genital area? Does this sound normal?

Asked by Fernspider (3582points) January 7th, 2010

My 10 month old puppy had a neuter done yesterday. Due to excessive licking post op while being held at the clinic, our vet put a cone on his head to avoid further licking.

Today I had a look at the genital area (4pm now) and it looks really red where the stitches are. He also appears to have a tiny bright red piece protruding from his penis (not the entire “lipstick” just the tip).

Is this normal? Should I be concerned and bring him in?

I have a follow up appointment tomorrow morning. Am I being overprotective and worrying about nothing?

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Being a male, and just reading the question in my box, even before reading the details, I’d say no. In other words, a healthy neutered male look like in the genital area? Does this sound normal? scared the hell out of me.

But it’s about a dog – phew. Was afraid it was your date or…

In any event, you should check it out immediately – sounds bad.

Good luck. Woof.



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LOL!! @Zen_Again – I fully spotted it moments after posting and edited while you were still crafting your answer. I kind of wondered if you had taken it to mean a human at first glance.


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If the dog’s not bleeding or in distress right now, then your follow-up for the morning should be fine.

We don’t call those things “lipsticks” ... just FYI.

On the other hand, you’ve given me a great idea for a game for my next date night.

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I think he’s ok, as long as he’s not swollen or red at the incision.

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Ok, that is a relief. Tomorrow follow up should be fine. Doubt anything significant will happen from now until then.

Thanks guys.

PS: @CyanoticWasp – what is the “lipstick” “red thing” called? :D

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@Rachienz, I seldom agree with @pdworkin, but in this case he nailed it. So to speak.

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awww, we agree once in a while

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Yeah, but I give you lurve when we do… sniff.

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LOL – so the outside layer and the red bit that comes out on occasion when he is excited are both called the “penis”... surely there is a name for the red piece, how else does one describe that? LOL – doggie erection? * giggle *

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@Rachienz, that’s exactly what it is. I don’t “know” dog anatomy, but I would expect that a dog’s penis has a foreskin, just like a human male. But since circumcision in dogs is so rare (oh, please let me be right about this presumption!) you never see the rest of the dog’s penis until it has an erection.

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Um, no. The sheath is not the penis, and there is nothing to circumcise. The penis does not engorge the same way a human erection occurs. It has a bony structure.

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Get a room, lurvewhores.

It must have been love… la la la


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@pdworkin, thanks. Wow. I learned two things today. Definitely time for bed.

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LOl – oh man, the directions these discussions take aye… and the things I didn’t know…

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@pdworkin has it right. Dogs have a sheath that covers the penis most of the time, and sometimes the penis pokes its little head out a bit. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

However, if the area where the incision was made is red, swollen or oozing, you need to have the vet take a look.

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This has been the most enjoyable question (and answers) in days!

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