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Is marble a suitable floor material for a kitchen?

Asked by lozza (307points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve been warned against limestone

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It seems excessive to me, and it’s also likely to be very hard on the feet of anyone standing up and actually working in the kitchen.

Is this a kitchen to be used, or a kitchen to be photographed? If it’s a kitchen to be used, use a flooring material with some give in it, like hardwood or linoleum.

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The problem is that it will be extremely slick when wet. The usual recommendation is for textured floors in bathrooms and kitchens.

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Wow you’re rich! LOL!

But yeah, marble as flooring in a kitchen looks beautiful but the practicality ends there. It is very expensive. But you probably have hired help since you’re considering it, lol. When the floor is wet, it is extremely hazardous and you risk getting sued >.>

And if you are a cook, marble is not a forgiving surface to stand on like cwilbur said. It will hurt your feet and back after a while.

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It’s slippery when wet. It’s not good for high traffic areas like a kitchen unless you want to keep polishing it. It will be cold and hard underfoot.

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I did marble counters despite being warned against their practicality- they stain very easily especially with citrus or oils. I would recommend going with honed. My counters are not and you can see water several hours after wiping it. I would do it for sure, its so pretty. Clean well and you’ll be fine

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We have marble floors in two of our bathrooms. They do get slippery when wet, but no more so than ceramic tile, I believe. Since marble is very porous, it must be treated quite often. We simply apply the treatment with a paint roller. We have to do the same thing in the showers. But, I must say, it is beautiful!!

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No its slick, stains easy, expensive, and hard on the joints.

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