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How many of you feel relaxed, enthusiastic after coming from office or work?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) January 8th, 2010

I think most of the people get frustrated,bored,Uninspired. when come back to home they don’t get enthusiastic,inspired.

What do you think?

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It depends. There are times when I had good interactions throughout the day where I feel all pumped up and satisfied that I did a job well done. But a lot of that is mental and how you have perceived things throughout the day. If you have great mental dicipline you can make almost everyday like that. I unfortunatly, do not have that kind of dicipline so I tend to feel frusterated with people, aggrivated by work drama and just dissatisfaction with the job and/or environment.

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Before I was disabled and had to retire, I had a job where I was enjoying my work so much, I would not leave until I had completed what I was working on, even if it meant I left hours after I was supposed to work.
If I were able to do the work still, I’d do it for free just for the intellectual challenge and the immense satisfaction the work provided.
Good thing my employer didn’t know or they wouldn’t have paid me!

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I am working in an IT company.I feel very sleepy , lose my stamina,energy,power once i reach to home.

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My boyfriend is always stessed when he comes home from work, but he has a stressful job. After an hour or so he’s ok though.

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I used to feel completely reenergized within minutes of returning home. My life was there, my raisson d’etre. Now it’s just a house, full of memories that reinforce depression. One of these days I may just light a match…

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Hi. Are you not feeling ok today?

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@Dibley Having another bad one. :(

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Has anything happened, or is it just thinking?

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Tea is the sollution my friend, not just the beverage itself but the act of having a cup of tea and just cleansing your brain of work stresses and complications, if you can learn to associate such an act with relaxing and feeling better all the time then eventually it would not have to be such a conscious effort ^^

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@saraaaaaa Espresso has the same effect for me, unfortunately so does large amounts of single-malt scotch whiskey.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Tea was an example, I frequently swap tea for a good Rose wine myself.

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I am always exhausted, must be my age? It’s really humid where I am currently so that does not help. But I’d have to say exhausted, which could indicate the wrong job I guess?

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Some days are worse than others but more often than not in my case, I come home from work relatively stress free and relaxed because in my supervisory role, my work load isn’t too heavy and my subordinates are all well trained and they all work well together. Additionally, I know when I get home I can look forward to activities that will entertain me and relax me even further and that’s always a good feeling also.

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I do. On average in about 70% of all days.

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I like to play a good 30 minutes on the 360. Right now it’s Unreal Tournament III. I know it’s technically not relaxing (it doesn’t help me go to sleep, that’s for sure) but somehow it helps me decompress from the day.

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I spend my days taking into myself all the emotional waves of cancer patients and their families – so many peple are screwed because of so many failures in the system that I get home with a heavy impression – but seeing my babies’ smiles changes everything.

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