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So, what can you tell us of a time when you were in the most crowded chatroom of your life?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1158points) January 8th, 2010

How many people were there and when; what date(s) did you observe this? What was the time of day?

(If applicable, what was the occasion? Was the chatroom over a certain holiday? Theme? Current Event?)

Was the chat flowing so fast that you practically stared at an inverted waterfall?

What site was this chatroom on? If you can still recall the link, would you please post it here for us?

And finally, were there so many people that the servers were overloading to the point that people started getting auto-kicked, etc. or there was an annoyingly long chat-lag?

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I think it was the time a couple hundred guys pretended to be Playboy Playmates, and they were teasing the couple hundred guys who represented themselves as lingerie model lesbians. I must’ve counted eleventy kajillion requests for age-sex-location information that night. It was so awesome.

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Here on Fluther Ben and Andrew created a new chat room every time there was a merge of new users from other sites to help them adjust and give them a place to find old friends and ask questions. I think one of the biggest groups we had in the new room was when shut down and some of their users came to Fluther. We used to have Campfire Talks every week or so and quite a bit of people turned up for those.
Other than the Fluther chat rooms, I’ve never really frequented other chats. My only chat room experience is here and I’d say the biggest group we had in there at once was around 30–40 or so. (Anyone remember? Founders? Mods?)

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Some of the bigger rooms on freenode average hundreds or even thousands of people. I used to hang out in #rubyonrails, but it’s too hard to have a conversation or even respond to questions in any meaningful way.

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