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Do electric socks really keep your feet warm?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) January 8th, 2010

Years ago, battery-operated electric socks were a big hit. then, they just disappeared. are these socks still around and do they actually work?

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Apparently they still exist. Another. And another. I had never heard of them before. Interesting.

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I got some microwaveable socks for Christmas, but I haven’t used them yet.

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I did not know they made socks for the microwave oven. please let me know where they came from and how the work.

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They have scented beads in them and they go in the Microwave to heat up. So they keep your feet warm and smelling nice. I’m the English girl so if I told you where they were from you wouldn’t know.

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Hi Dibley, this is john. how are things in England this morning? do these socks stay warm enough for activity outside?

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Things in England are cold, very cold and very snowy. I have never worn them outside, but the one I have had before do stay warm for a while. Though these one are quite bulky, they look little boots.

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Probably, could definitely use some it’s freezing out never known so much snow. That’s an Englishman talking you’d think we’d be used to it by now. One problem i’d foresee, your feet would smell shocking~

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Thanks Dibley. i am looking for something to keep my feet warm. my doctor started me on a blood thinner and my feet are ice cold. i wonder if your socks are available in America? if so, please give me the name and address. okay? thanks.

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@john65pennington I’ll see what I can do.

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