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MacBook performance?

Asked by thedonja (95points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

anyone here with a MacBook. If so how do you like it. And does it run well on why ever intel chip you have and RAM.

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I have a Intel iMac with a 1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo chip with 2 GB of RAM and Integrated Graphics. I don’t play any games and I think it works great. I mostly use CS3 and TextMate and CSSEdit.

And the current MacBook will be better than what I have now so you should be fine. And buy as much RAM as possible. Just don’t buy the RAM from Apple. I would use Crucial and install yourself. It is very easy.

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MacBooks are fine machines. My daughter has one and it does what she needs it to do: write reports, email, surf the web..the basics. It works great is so easy to pop into a back pack.

If you want to do things like edit movies, Photoshop, run 2 monitors….you’ll need to step up to the MacBook Pro.

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I use a MacBook at home and at work. They’re little workhorses. They also run a 2nd monitor just fine, up to 24”. If you want 2 external monitors or need to drive a 30” monitor, yes, you’ll need the Pro.

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