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Tomorrow's the big day. What would you choose for your last meal?

Asked by Rufus_T_Firefly (3812points) January 8th, 2010

Hypothetical scenario – All of your appeals have been spent. The attorneys have made their final statements and the court has rendered it’s final ruling. You’ve got one day left and it’ll all be over. As a last request, you are being granted one last 5-course meal. What do you choose for your meal to end all meals?

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I’d rather read a book.

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Chocolate, and lots of it. If I’m going out, I’m doing it high on endorphins.

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Pad Thai. No questions asked

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My mothers Pastelles (she makes the best on the planet), and a milkshake, and Chillis chocolate cake with icecream.
Oh crap and my husband creole shrimp gumbo. (he makes the best on the planet as well)

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A pizza with bbq chicken (extra bbq), mushrooms, onions, black olives, green peppers, pepperonis, and topped with cheddar cheese. And I’d wash it down with a vanilla milk shake. And a burrito for desert.

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Fried catfish, corn on the cob, potatoes au gratin, corn bread, spiced apples and a huge ass hot fudge sundae.

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I’d like a big bowl of hallucinogenic mushrooms, but I’d also like to see the Attorney’s head on a platter.

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Pizza and a few 40’s of PBR.

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the antidote for the lethal injection.

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@eponymoushipster It’s a firing squad.

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California cheeseburger (made with hand ground sirloin steak), fries and a really good thick milkshake and a real coke to wash it all down.

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@Sampson something for lead poisoning then.

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Ribs and seafood.

Clean THAT up when I explode, bitches!

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Toad jerky with a side of spinach and dog shit. I will look forward to death.

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Assuming they couldn’t put me to death before granting me my final meal, here would be my order, beginning with appetizer:

Passenger Pigeon Paté
Cream of Mastodon soup
Filet of Iguanodon
Stuffed Breast of Dodo
Breaded Cave Bear Cutlets

That should buy me a little time.

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I’m not sure…perhaps fillets of seven-gilled sharks.

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Spam, spam, oh & some more spam. Nonesense, i’d have a big mac & fries please. That shit will be the death of you.

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poisonous mushrums

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1. Fried chicken topped with a southern gravy, sweet corn off the cob, mashed potatos, string beans, vegetable souup, and the special swiss crackers they don’t make anymore, and also a bagel.

2. A huge medium rare steak with sides of asparagus, a salad, baked potato, and a biscuit that is nearly heaven (main course).

3. 3 of my favorite soups, Tomato soup with slices of cheese to melt into it, 2 packs of ramen noodles (beef flavor), and homestyle chicken noodle soup…with a soda on the side. Oh and a slice of chocolate cake

4. Turtle stew. May that have a course by itself.

5. My favorite desserts, strawberry crepe, chocolate and banana pancakes with syrup, dirt puddig (oreo, whipped cream, cream cheese, sugar, gummy worms, etc.) champagne, roasted marshmellows burnt to ash, chocolate pie, really sweet coffee.

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@Finley – wow, it would be cheaper to keep you alive! : -)

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first three courses would be Jager – medium philly cheesesteak from Penn Station and half a lemon meringue pie

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It is always cheaper to keep someone alive. Capital punishment is expensive.

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@rooeytoo- With the cost of appeals it’s always more expensive to sentence someone to death than life in prison.

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omg @chuckie & @jackm – I know that, it was a joke because he wanted so much food, get it??? ;-)

Now that you bring it up though, I am all for 1 appeal and it doesn’t get off the ground, that’s it. I am not debating the morality, efficacy of the death penalty, I am saying if you have it and are going to use it, then do it!

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@rooeytoo- Of course I knew you were making a joke. And I’m all for doing away with capital punishment, period. And I am not making a joke about that.

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@rooeytoo she*

small girl, big appetite.

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@Finley – ohhhh sorry, a long time ago I knew a cute boy whose last name was Finley and when I saw your name I thought of him. Thanks for the flash back!

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what does it matter?
I’d barf it anyway.

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I’ll have what @AstroChuck ‘s having.

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This question is being moved to General – so you’re all under arrest.

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