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What's wrong with my wireless?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) January 8th, 2010

I have a Vaio laptop from about a year and a half ago. Recently something strange happened.

I was uninstalling firefox and reinstalling it. I also Unintalled some old java updates and reinstalled Java.

Now whenever I turn on my laptop. The wireless card automatically turns off and I can’t get it back on. It is on when I start up the computer, but then turns itself off.

I tried getting the latest intel driver for the card and nothing has changed.

What can I do to figure out the problem?

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3 Answers

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I figured out myself. Bleah…

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Does the “bleah” mean it was a silly user error or do you care to enlighten us with your creative solution?

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After a lot of trial and error and looking at websites.

This laptop is in Japanese too, so it was much more annoying.

But apparently with an update turned off some setting. For some reason…

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