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Do you believe in the supernatural?

Asked by DrMC (2126points) January 8th, 2010

does the world have a supernatural component? Is it hogwash.

Early in radio research, a device used metal filings to receive signal from a transmitter from a across the room. Early spectators thought this proved that ghosts could exist.

Are there real undiscovered things out there, or is it all just a placebo effect?

Have you any experiences that have changed your world view, or at least shaken you to your socks.

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No one has ever proved to me that there is not a supernatural component so I sort of believe. I had a water tap that mysteriously turned itself on numerous times, never did figure out why and then it suddenly stopped happening.

A friend lived in the house where his mother died. He married my best friend and they would often sense his mom on the steps to the upstairs. Never anywhere else, just on the steps.

Who knows???

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I recently answered a question like this one and fluther moderators pulled the plug on the question. So I’ll make my answer short and sweet. Yes I did and so did other people who didn’t believe me and I believe almost anything is possible. The universe is vast and I certainly am not a God, so I don’t know everything but I know what I’ve experienced.

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The word ‘supernatural’ is somewhat self-negating. Everything is natural.

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No. There are lots of undiscovered things out there, but they are all “natural”.

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No. Our universe is remarkable orderly.

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Ouiga believe it! You know what, I sort of do in a strange unexplainable way. Super question!

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While I am skeptical about many things, including the supernatural, I try to keep an open mind to all things. When I was young, few would have believed or even imagined we’d walk on the moon and carry tiny communication devices around in our pockets. My boyhood friend William Shakespeare said it best in “Hamlet”—“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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No. There may be some mysteries, but once we understand them we no longer call them supernatural.

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I know the world has a spiritual aspect. I don’t think it is anything that can be proved to anyone, but has to be experienced directly. I practice magic in the Golden Dawn tradition and have had experiences that are definately supernormal. But if another person had been present, they would not have seen anything unusual.

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This is another thing that one has to rely on their personal experience and that alone. We have them not for others but for ourselves so that we grow and learn further. Not sure what to call it all but I have communicated with others not of this world and it is my own personal experiences that lead me to believe how I do. It is not what someone told me or something I read but actual experience that helps me in my progression through this life.

I once had a friend of mine come to me and explain how he had passed away and where his body was. I directed the police to where they would find him and it took a helicopter to reach him. He left a family and a message for his sweet wife who is still a friend of mine. I gave her the message after she asked me the question he said she would.

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There are certainly many undiscovered discoveries, but this doesn’t make them supernatural. If it exists, it is natural. “Supernatural” seems to be a synonym for “doesn’t exist.”

As to the common meaning of “supernatural,” no. It’s hogwash.

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