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Was "Fluther" chosen out of a pool of many other possible site names?

Asked by ParsecParkway (13points) January 9th, 2010

What was the story behind choosing “Fluther” as the site name?

Did a team of site-builders write in ideas for site names, throw them in a hat, and out was pulled “Fluther?”

Or what was the process behind having this name chosen? Moreover, what other names were considered?

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Have you ever registered a domain name? It is hard to find one that isn’t taken.

And I believe someone was at an aquarium to find a single real word.

edit:: my wording was poor. They said it took about six months to find the URL.

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And just so you know some asshole parked my full name.

I had the domain and let it lapse. In 24 hours it became this

They wanted 500$ for me to get it back. I told them to fuck off.

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I think it was chosen out of a tidal pool.

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Yes. I believe the runner-up was “Quippo”. I remember seeing the list at some point.

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Actually, these two guys were born to be fishermen. since they both live in Arizona, the ocean was just too far away to cast in a fishing line. living in Arizona, there are very few lakes to fish. what to do? what to do? their only recourse to resolve their addiction to fishing was to construct a makeshift body of water. how did they do this? aquarium. they stocked their aquarium with tiny little fish, so they could use their tiny little fishing poles to catch the tiny little fish. this answer is as good as any other. who knows why this site is named Fluther. its not in the dictionary.

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They also considered naming it AstroChucks Lurve Shack.

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@filmfann Disgusting! A six-year-old with a love shack!

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Quippo? Oh, Lord! I’m glad it didn’t get THAT tag!

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We spent 6 months coming up with almost a thousand names before we came up with Fluther. It was a crazy period where my brain was constantly rearranging every word I saw.

The original name before fluther was going to be, though it was taken and we couldn’t convince the owner to sell it.

It’s true, some later runner-ups included, (both of which we still own).

We still have a handful of lists from those days, and there’s a ton of kind of cheesy “explain what you are” names.

Once we found Fluther, it was love at first site.

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@ben, geez, I hate to (attempt to) correct a Founder, but… don’t you mean “lurve at first sight”?

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@ben I can’t say I mind that taptap was taken.

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@ben you did good. :-)

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Tap that ass…

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