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Is AMPS the number of coulombs per second or 1.6x10^-19 per seconds?

Asked by Gooood (50points) January 9th, 2010

So not the number but the strength of a coulomb per second.

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not sure, but according to wikipedia:

“a current of one ampere is one coulomb of charge going past a given point per second”

or more specifically

“Since a coulomb is approximately equal to 6.24150948×1018 elementary charges, one ampere is approximately equivalent to 6.24150948×1018 elementary charges, such as electrons, moving past a boundary in one second.”

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It is the number of Coulumbs per second. A Coulumb describes a quantity of charge, so your two options are exactly the same. The number denotes the strength of charge in a quantitative, measurable manner.

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Good answer @shumone – you should change values you quoted from “x 1018” to “x 10^18” (1 with 18 zeros after) though. Makes a heck of a difference when grasping the scale etc of thiings!!

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So 1,000,000×3 is the same as (1.6×10^-19×3) is the same?

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@Gooood Ah sorry, I made an assumption from your wording without checking what the number actually addressed. One ampere is one Coulomb per second, not one elementary charge per second.

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Ampere is the unit of measutement of electric current.It’s the rate of flow of charge.
1 columb/second = 1 Ampere.

1.6×10—^19 is the charge on one electron.Current is not rate of flow of electrons,but that of charge and charge could be there on Ions too.
It would be number of electrons passing through a particular crosssection holding a 1 columb of charge in one second.

In other words,
the number of electrons required to make 1 columb of charge is 1/1.6 * 10^-19

=6.67×10^18 electrons.

So, 6.67×10^18 electrons. would pass through a particular crosssesction of an electric conductor per second,then it would result in 1 ampere of current.

Finally, once again I would wind up saying, current is rate flow of charges and not that of electron.

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one ampere is a package of 6.25*10^18 electrons or electron charges(assumed 1 electron is combination of 1.6*10^-18 units of charge(coulomb).) carried @ 1 sec through a conductor..

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