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Can I use my ipod mini with my linpus linux lite netbook?

Asked by cloudscome (4points) January 9th, 2010

does itunes work with linpus linux?

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if you can’t figure it out with the software provided out of the box on linpus you can always download GTKpod which is an open-source alternative to itunes found here
and also you can try banshee media player that offers synchronisation with an ipod you can find it here
if you have any problems come again

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I think you’ll have to jailbreak your iPod to get it to work though. At least that was the state of the matter a year ago.

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@reactor5 How do you jailbreak an iPod Mini?

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ooh, iPod mini. I misread the question, I was really out of it. Your iPod mini should work awesomely :D

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iTunes definitely doesn’t work, but there may be alternative applications such as GTKpod or Banshee that might be able to work with your iPod.

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