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Fun drinking game for "Never back down"?

Asked by Shield_of_Achilles (1906points) January 9th, 2010

Ideas for times to drink while watching the movie Never Back Down would be what I’m looking for. I’m not looking to be drinking every second of the movie.


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Oh, I know of a fun drinking game but it won’t work while watching a movie. And you need a large group.

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Take a shot every time someone uses a preposition.

It’s an annoying enough concept as it is. Just imagine how amusing it will be trying to spot them whilst drunk.

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Every time you get a close up shot of the main characters mole right above his mouth. You shouldn’t be drinking the whole game but you will be drinking..

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Did I miss something?? I don’t understand… Do people play drinking games whilst watching movies…or is it movie specific? i.e something about Never Back Down? :-/

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It can be done to all movies. Like every time the word“fu**” is said in the movie “Boondock Saints”.

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