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Do you have any ideas for custom community chest/chance cards for Monopoly?

Asked by Ansible1 (4824points) January 9th, 2010

My g/f and I are making custom game cards for monopoly. We’ve come up with a bunch that are inside jokes between us but now trying to come up with more general ones. Ideas we have so far…

- Recieve $25 for each railroad owned
– Hold onto this coupon, next time you land on income tax/luxury tax pay only $35
– Switch places with another player

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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Try these?
-Escape jail (if sent there)
-Choose property of your choice and pay only $50 (Property may/may not be owned by other player)
-Lose a turn
-On your next dice roll, add 3 (or any number for that matter) to the outcome
– On your next roll, skip spaces
—-if you rolled three, you end up moving six instead, you skip over properties.

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Defend yourself from the Sisters. Collect $200!

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First, let me say that I am very strict about playing Monopoly by the correct rules.

How about something topical: Recieve Bank Bailout or You are forced to contribute to new Health Care plan or Pyramid Scheme Backfires!

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How about

School Tax Levy does not pass. Pay $30 sports activity fee for every house you own.

Roll the dice again. If number is even, move ahead that number of spaces. If number is odd, move backwards that number of spaces.

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Bribe card! Know somebody on the inside? Pay your way from being thrown in jail.

Landlord Card: Evict somebody from any property worth up to half of your current winnings.

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Go indirectly to jail; you must go to each and every railroad and pay the owner as if they own all four railroads.

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