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I had an interview for a job on Thursday and was told that I would definitely be called on Friday (yesterday) whether or not I got the job. I didn't get called. What would be a polite way to ask why this call did not happen?

Asked by LeopardGecko (1237points) January 9th, 2010

I was thinking of saying something like this:

Hello Mrs. Giacamello, this is Leopard Gecko. I am wondering
if you have made the calls to the applicants of the Kwantlen Library yet….......

then I get lost. Any suggestions?

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You could suggest that perhaps the call you were promised was overlooked. Suggest that it was unintentional and assure them you can do a good job for them.

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How about just

“Hi, <name>. This is <name>. I was expecting some contact from you about <position>. Did you try to get through to me?”

Something straightforward like that is fairly polite.

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“Someone was supposed to have callled me Friday to advise me if i got the job. i may have missed the call. who do i need to speak to”. its the truth and to the point. good luck

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I’d wait another day or two and then if no call I would phone and say “Has a decision been made about the position yet as I was expecting to be notified on Friday”. Mrs G will take over the talking. Good luck with it :)

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I would also wait a day or two. Things happen and the schedule can slip.

When you have not heard by Tuesday, I would contact them and say “I did not hear back from you. I was wondering if I am still under consideration for the position.”

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I wouldn’t ask “why”. But if they assured you that you would certainly hear from them, then it’s certainly within bounds for you to call and ask if they have yet decided—after you explain that you didn’t hear anything yet. Pleasantly; politely—of course—but you already knew that.

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I agree about waiting a couple days and then just calling to inquire if the position has been filled. In the meantime, try to send a thank you email for the interview. This could make you stand out if they are still trying to make a decision.

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Do you live in Portland, Oregon? :)

I have a friend who has a daughter in Portland that is super-educated——tippy-top hanging Ivy schools. She sent her resume out to about 300 places. Most of them never had the courtesy to call her, even when they told her they would. The job market is so saturated that firms/businesses must think it’s okay to just be rude. It was really frustrating for her. After months she landed the job she wanted, but it took months and months of looking. She was freshly out of university master’s program…with a very strong work history with top companies, too.

Basically, it’s not YOU, it’s the rude people out there who don’t have the courtesy to let you know…..

“Hi, this is Leopard Gecko…I was told that you would call me to let me know if I got the job on Friday….and did not hear from you. Has a decision been made…?”

“Yes, we made a decision and we decided to hire Lulu Lizard.”

“Really? Well that’s nice….thank you so much for not calling me on Friday to let me know that was so considerate and professional of you to do that. I hope that Miss Lizard enjoys working for such a thoughtful group as you. Somehow, I realize now that you made the right choice oh yeah you did! ” (Click)


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After any interview, you should make a follow up call or two after a few days. You could say something like, “Hello person who interviewed me. I had an interview on this date and it was mentioned to me that I would receive a call. I haven’t heard from anyone yet, and I’m just calling to follow up on the status of that call and my interview in general.” You could modify that… I’m terrible at sounding professional.

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The thank you note that you immediately sent after the interview should be in the hands of the hiring authority by Monday. Knowing that they were making that quick of a decision, I would have suggested sending your TY for next day delivery by 10 a.m. That aside, I would definitely call on Monday, but initially sound as if you are still in the running:
“I am following up on the interview I had on Thursday. Is there any additional information I can provide to help you in your decision?”
If the answer is that they have made their decision, simply say:
“Thank you for the update and congratulations on your new hire. If the person you have chosen does not work out or if other opportunities arise in the future, please give me a call.”
Or something like that. I am a hiring authority, and I would be impressed by that type of confident exchange; however, I would never have promised a candidate a phone call the next day to say yea or nay. Are you sure this is the company you want to work for?

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In my experience, I have also been “promised” a phone call either way, but I have yet to ever receive one. As someone else said, I would not ask why I didn’t hear back. I would simply call and say that I had an interview and was simply following up. I could be wrong, but sometimes simplicity is best. This way, for me anyway, I am less likely to unknowingly provide a negative undertone in my voice or choice of words.

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When speaking with the person who interviewed you, thank them for the interview, and tell them you are really interested in the job. Then shut up. Asking them why implies they did something wrong.

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As soon as you got home you should have sent Ms. Giacamello a short note thanking her for her time and saying something about why you would be a good fit for the job. If you mailed it that day she would have gotten it Fri or Mon and you might rise to the top of the short list.

Never put anyone you want to impress on the defensive or your rsume might accidentally fall into the shredder- Life Lesson #8

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I’ve been looking for work for a year, this is about the 10th job search I’ve embarked on for one reason or another in my career, and this happens all the time. Here’s what you do:

Call Monday, ask to speak to the person who interviewed you and told you that you would be hearing either way on Friday, and simply say, in a non-accusatory way, “I was just calling to follow up on the [job title here] position…I thought I might hear something by Friday based on our discussion, so I decided I’d follow up and see if you had made any decisions.”

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After every job interview i write a thank you email and ask about the hiring process, send another copy of my resume just in case and thank them for their time and the opportunity. I’ll then wait a few days – if my interview was Friday ill call Tuesday/Wednesdayish to ask if they have filled the position and tell them i am still very interested.

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@dalepetrie Just a caution to you, since you say you are also looking for a job. I interact with my clients and my staff almost entirely by phone and email, so I may be hypersensitive to even the slightest innuendo, but I don’t think there is any way for you to say what you are suggesting in a totally “non-accusatory way.”

I agree with those who have suggested not alluding to the promised phone call in any way.

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@editingdiva – I actually agree with you, I would change what I said (if it were me saying it) to simply “I was just calling to follow up on the [job title here] position, to see if you’d made any decisions.” I’d leave out the “I thought I might hear something,” but the question asker wanted to know why the promised Friday phone call didn’t come, and if one were to want to broach that topic, the way I phrased it is as non-accusatory as possible.

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@dalepetrie I hope, together, we have all diverted LeopardGecko’s curiosity as to why the phone call never came to the more important issue: Does he still have a shot at this job.

Would love to hear good news!

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