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I need to transfer all my itunes library to another pc, any ideas on how to make it all at once?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) January 9th, 2010

I can’t do it on an mp3 cd cause many songs are mp4, can’t do it on a USB cause I have to drag them one by one and there are more than 1000 songs, please help..

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Are both of them Macs?

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Why do you have to do it one at a time on USB? If you select all, it seems as if you should be able to drag the entire batch all at once.

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@johnpowell The one that ave the music is Mac, the other one is PC
@rooeytoo How can I select more than one song in iTunes with Mac?

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If you click on library that shows all the individual songs, select one and then hit command A, that will select them all.

But JP is the expert, see what he says.

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Hold down shift when you select stuff. You can just click the first and last item and it will select all the items between the two. And command will allow you to select multiple items.

Here is a quick movie that kinda shows how it works.

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@2late2be if you have an iPod. download all of your songs onto the iPod

then install iDump onto your computer and extract your songs from your iPod to your computer

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@johnpowell: how to do this on a PC to a flash drive?

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@hungryhungryhortence :: I’m not sure how drag and drop support on a PC is. On a Mac it is simple. You just drag songs from iTunes to the drive and it copies them over. If I want to send a song to someone one AIM I just drag the song name in itunes to the chat window. No need to locate the actual file.

You can do a Control R (command on a Mac) on a song and it should show you where the actual file is.

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