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Does anyone know the name of this certain "Jacob's" biscuit? (UK)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11271points) January 9th, 2010

I tasted a biscuit out of a box that was given to me by a friend over the holidays. It was an assortment of “Jacob’s” biscuits. Apparently the box was misprinted because the biscuit that I really liked was NOT the one in the written description. I have no idea what the name of this certain biscuit is. Can you help?

The biscuit is rectangular and is dark brown, grainy and sweet…almost like a digestive but not quite.

Any ideas? Thanks so much!

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Could it be the grain cracker? It’s in the variety pack. It is brown colored with specks and has a wheaty flavor. It contains wheat bean, kibbled wheat, rye, and barley flakes.

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This is what happened….on the assortment box it said, “Choice Grain.” So I went to the store and bought a packet of “Choice Grain”. When I got it home, it was NOT the biscuit in the box! This “Choice Grain” was white flour, wheat with some other ingredients. Not the dark coloured biscuit..that seems sweetened. Apparently, the biscuits in the assortment box were not named correctly….at least, this one wasn’t.

So, is the exact name of the biscuit….“Grain Cracker”?

Thanks for your help! :)

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@DarlingRhadamanthus. I think the exact name is Choice Grain Cracker.

Could it be the Hovis Crackers? These are similar to the digestive, but are less sweet.

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That’s what is strange…...I bought “Choice Grain” and it was not the dark biscuit in the assortment box. You are right…it was like a Hovis, but it was Jacob’s.

It’s a mystery cracker…the Jacob’s-biscuit-that-looks-like-a-Hovis-that-is-called-Choice-Grain-on-the-assortment-box-but-isn’t-what-was-in-the-individual-box-I-bought.

Thank you.


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hmm…if it were round, not rectangular, I’d have guessed Hob Nob or Goldgrain, but for rectangular, I’d go with Hovis too..

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