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What would cause toilet water to turn black?

Asked by valdasta (2139points) January 9th, 2010

When I was a student at MSU, we left our dorm over Christmas vacation. When we came back the water in the toilet turned jet black. Why? The only reason why I am curious is that a similar thing happened with my carpet cleaning equipment. When I go for any extended period of time without running the machine, the water that comes out at first is black.

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bad water, crap in the toilet bowl left over from something else, bad water purifier, broken septic pump, etc., bacteria in the water or chemicals in the water….

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Someone probably poured ink in the toilet bowl as a prank.

The carpet cleaning equipment sounds easier to explain. You didn’t say exactly what kind of equipment it is, but anything that cleans carpets is probably going to pick up all kinds of filth.

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In the town I live, the City has added a chemical to the water to make it taste better. The problem is that chemical tends to break down the rubber grommets and washers in the faucets and fixtures. It could be that.

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@petethepothead it is the clear-water or “clean” water that comes out of my machine – not the water I suck up.

@filmfann This sounds like a more likely scenario.

@Blondesjon “Mon Cherri” (not sure of sp, but you know what I mean)

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@filmfann Do you know what chemical that is? Is it because the water is chlorinated or something else?

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