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Is Rosetta Stone effective for learning a new language?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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I would say so – it’s very good for immersion and “hands-on” learning.

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I have it,for Persian,but the opening instructions were in Persian so ibcouldnt read it,its lessons aren’t structured to help develops a way to learn a language in an organized way,I just wish they had lessons and plans to make it easier

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@afghan Did you have a legit copy? It comes with lesson plans :D

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@squirbel: I have the Russian version of Rosetta stone, and there isn’t a word of English in it anywhere (including the supplemental books). It’s OK for me, because I already know Russian (I took it for nine years in the Chicago Public Schools), but I am trying to re-learn it. I think it would be hard for someone unfamiliar with the alphabet (especially something like Russian or Persian), but overall, I love the program.

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I’ve used it for Italian…and it’s good for beginner usage. But the way people talk on these courses is not how Italians converse. It’s slow and basic. Best chance of learning a language is to take a course with others or go to the country to learn.

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If you wanna learn ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics or demotic, then sure.
Haha, personally I like learning with an actual person who I can talk to in person. Especially when it gets to conjugation and tenses and all that stuff.

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