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What can we do as individuals do to ensure liberty and justice for all?

Asked by Goofykid3435 (26points) January 10th, 2010

what can we do to give everyone liberty and justice

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We can lobby our legislators when we see laws that restrict liberty.

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We can support the; an organization whose sole purpose is to defend the civil liberties of any individual or group whose civil rights have been violated. Another great group is the Southern Poverty Law Center; their purpose is to fight bias and hate crimes by exposing white supremacist and other hate groups.

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rip up the government and start again

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a better understanding of ourselves, support rather denigrate the dreams of others, expand tolerance, reduce greed, accept all personal responsibility, and develop a fundamental respect for people as a whole – all are based on personal choice and can have dramatic impact on the liberty and justice of those around us. while we’re at it remembering to treat others as we expect to be treated at each moment, not just when it suits us, couldn’t hurt

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Speak out against injustice all injustices not just those which impact you.

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Realize one’s own privileges and act so as not to use that privilege as a way to reduce others.

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Research jury nullification and support the Fully Informed Jury Association.

Also support the Libertarian Party.

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Dress as Judge Dredd.

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Someone go and wake Pazza up!

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, and provoking some people who already think I’m a nutter, I’ll say once again that:

America was founded as a constitutional republic with a common law juristiction.
All legislation is not law, but merely contractual rules.

Definition of statutes: Statutes are legislative rules of scociety given the force of law by the consent of the governed.

They are not laws, they are given the force of law by consent.

You and I are not ‘PERSONS’, a person is a fiction or strawman as defined in black’s law (which they constantly update by changing definitions?) latest edition I think is eight.

We are human beings with full liability for our own actions, we ‘act’ as persons under contract to registered corporations ie ‘The United States Of America’ & ‘The United Kindom’ (these are registered corporations, not geographical areas!) If you don’t believe me, look them up here.

Your contract in a way is your birth certificate, which is not to certify the birth of a human child, but the creation of a legal entity, which is also a corporation of sorts.

The whole system of commerse across most of the world is governed (if thats the correct term?) by commercial, fleet or admiralty law, this was origionaly the law of the high seas only and not the land, which was and still is governed by common law. Fleet/admiralty law only applies to legal entites/fictions which is also known as your birth cirtificate, for fleet law to apply to you as a human being, you ‘must’ take responsibility or ‘act’ as surity for your legal fiction.

Your legal fiction is also your ship that sails in commerce, without it you cannot use the currency of your specific commercial governing entity ie; dollars & pounds.

I could delve deeper but to answer the origional question:
“what can we do to give everyone liberty and justice”

I must break it down and first address liberty.

Liberty by definition is given and can be taken away, civil liberties apply to legal fictions and are erroded on a daily basis, so if you asked me do I want liberty to be ensured, then no, I would rather see it replaced with the word freedom. Freedom is, as it always was, a God given ‘human right’, and any intrusion into, or restriction of under common law is unlawful previded your not infringing on anybody elses freedoms. This was the amazing system that America (the geographical area and sovreign land) was founded upon (even if it was stolen from the indiginous people).

As for justice, if people continue to act as surity for their fictions their getting the justice that they deserve since you’ve entered into contract and our bound by the rules of that contract ie statute legislation.

If you want freedom all you have to do is refuse consent, if you want to enact big changes you need to do this on mass forinstance in the UK they’re starting to charge for leaving your bin out on the wrong day. Simply don’t pay the fine contractual penalty, and refuse consent to be governed when you go to court. To ensure small freedoms simply deny consent to be governed when you get pulled over for speeding. If you don’t want to get tased for non-compliance, simply comply under protest and duress.

@mammal came up with a great idea, simply sack your governMENTAL representatives SERVANTS! as guarenteed by your constitution.

Interestings words:

DOCK – the thing you stand in so that your government can apply admiralty law.
Its interesting to note that a ‘DOCK’ that a ship is ‘BIRTHED’ is where you show your ‘PASSPORT’ to the harbour master, who grants you permission to walk the land under admiralty law.

BANK – the two things either side of a river that direct the flow of water or current.
Comercial banks direct the currency of corporations.

There are many more, but I can’t think of them off hand, its taken me about 3 hours to write this as the kids are peckin my head!.......

There may be errors in the above statements, but the jist of it is bang on.

Thanks @janbb x

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In our everyday lives, understand that there are two sides to every story and not to judge before hearing both sides.

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