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Who's hungry for some Jelly-shaped pancakes??? Hungry Hungry Hortence is famished, so, welcome her into the 10K mansion, so, we can feed her!

Asked by Jude (32098points) January 10th, 2010

She’s hungry, jellies!! Look at that angry furrow!

Congratulations, lady, on 10K. Smart and a whole hell of a lot of common sense—I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts!!

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Woo hoo! Welcome to the mansion. You are a great jellie.

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Hoopla! Hoopla! Hoopla! Hoopla!

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Aww yeah, congratulations to you hungryhungryhortence. Cheers to your 10K day!!

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Hooray to @hungryhungryhortence, a favorite jelly indeed!!

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CONGRATS!!! Much lurve to you and many, many more!!!

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Congrats HHH. You write some very well thought out, and thoughtful posts. A very good person and jelly indeed. Cake for all!

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Woot woot! Congratulations on reaching 10,000!

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Congratulations!! It seems lots and lots (and lots!) of pancakes are in order. Chocolate chip ok? :)

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Yay! Congratulations on the 10k!! :)

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Mazel Tov™

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Mazel Tov™ – beat you this time, Skeletor!

Welcome to the ever-expanding casa! I always enjoy your thoughtful posts.

Hip! Hip! Hooray.

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@janbb think again.

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You can’t do that, I was typing first! No fair! Mommm?

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Congratulations HHH!

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Oh, yeah, so @HH! Maybe now you will feel more satiated?

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oh yeah, adding an addendum now just so you could get yours up first is a cheap technique. Mommm!!

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A very big welcome to a jelly with a big appetite for fluthering.

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No whining in the HungryHungryHortense thread.

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Congratulations! The mansion has a walk-in refrigerator so you need no longer be hungryhungry, just hungry.

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I’ll stop the whining and bring the wine, make the pancakes and take the cake out of the frizzer!

Don’t be hungry no mo, HHH!

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Yay!!! Congrats, HHH!

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Congratulations! Enjoy your pancakes!

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@janbb & @pdworkin You are both going to be sent to your rooms if you don’t make up right now.

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Congrats, @HHH! Here’s something to satiate your hunger.

I’ll send you a new one every month, don’t worry! ;)

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@chyna But he started it – the big bully.

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@janbb that doesn’t sound like you are making up.

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Congratulations @hungryhungryhortence!! Here!!

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Congrats!!! Yee haw!!! and Great Googilly Woogilly!
Well done sir! Well done!

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CONGRATS! May I suggest some pancakes to appease your appetite and end that hungry hungriness?

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Hungry Hungry Congratulations!
Just for you I’m making Banana Macadamia Pancakes. Enjoy!
And welcome :)

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I knew it, I outsmarted the sleep cycle this time! Now allow me to publicly congratulate you! Good job mate.

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WOOT WOOT!!!! Party time again!!!

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Yay! Congrats for HHH!!

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AWESOME!!! Way to go and WELCOME!!!!

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Congratulations, @hungryhungryhortence on reaching the 10K milestone!

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Yay! I know when I see that cute scowl, there’s something deft and funny on the way, wrapped around a great answer! Happy 10K!

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congrats!! =)

It’s ok to be hungry :)

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Yay! I got the tunez You got the ‘cakes – I’m holdin’ the door for you!

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As a man who looks like a giant cookie, I not only appreciate your username, but I also fear you.

Congratulations Triple-H!!

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OK, I honestly LOLed at that one!

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Hortense Hears a wooWHOO!!! Congratulations!

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Mmmmmmhh, pancakes! Congratulations!

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woohoo! congratulations!

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Yay! Congrats!

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Congrats to you!!!

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! I’d like to wish hungryhungryhortence a super happy 10k!

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@aprilsimnel: Thanks. I aim to please.

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Congratulations on entering the mansion! We will serve your every whim and fancy.

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Triple H, you speak with such an honest voice; unafraid to show yourself as you are. Your 10K lurve is well-earned. I look forward to hearing much more from you.


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oh no I’m late – congratulations!

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Nicely done. Congratulations.

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Congratulations, Hx3! We’re glad you’re here. :)

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Congratulations on your 10k achievement! Well done! =)

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Get that woman some dim sum. :D

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The 10K mansion is turning into very impressive castle. @hungryhungryhortence, you’ll get the central tower !

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Everyone chant with me: “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!” “Hungryhungryhortence!”

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Hoorah for Hungry Hungry Hortence! Her happiness is wished today and all days!

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Way to go Bee!!!!!!!!!! It pisses me off that I’m late but I couldn’t miss your party! Love you girl! way to go!

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Ah, I finally found it. I have no idea how I missed this yesterday. Especially for such a fine Jelly.

Wishing you a (belated) Happy 10 K Day ! !

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I’m late to my own party!
Thanks all, I’ve really enjoyed being a jelly

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It took you 5 days to find this? What were you doing? Eating?

oh, of course you were


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@filmfann: I ate across state lines and back, actually!

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