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Is this plan for a deceased pet creepy?

Asked by Supacase (14563points) January 10th, 2010

Some people preserve their pets through taxidermy, some keep their ashes, others bury them. I think you can even make a diamond out of their ashes now.

Assume you have a pet with exceptionally soft, shiny and well-kept fur. Is the idea of having something made out of that fur (I have no idea what. An hand muff?) as a reminder of a beloved pet a nice idea or rather disturbing?

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I can only speak for myself and find the idea of wearing Milo unimaginable.

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Would you take the skin of your dead grandmother and make it into a lampshade?

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You could make a hand-puppet, so you could still play with it, and chat.

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it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

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I wouldn’t, strictly because I’m not interested in having my dead animal’s fur in my house.. but I once lived with a woman who owned a pure bred wolf, and had to put him down because he was so old he was starting to forget who we were and attack us… and she wanted to get his fur as a rug.

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This idea is too strange for me… I don’t understand stuffing your family pet either- it feels wrong

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@Chikipi: Holden is referring to the practice, at the Nazi Concentration Camps, of doing just that. Hardly funny.

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I personally wouldn’t do it. I have friends that have their dogs ashes next to the couch and it kind of creeps me out. A nice pet cemetery will do just fine for my pets when they move on.

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I couldn’t do that.

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I always joke that I’m going to make a hat out of our cat Flower and mittens of our cat Jelly. They are both so soft. But I never would. The diamond idea is kinda cool, though.

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I don’t see anything reverential about the practice of stuffing pets. It’s creepy and unnatural.
And yes, I was drawing a parallel to the Nazi desecration of human remains. Perhaps it was a little over the top.

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That’s kind of like taking advantage of your pet’s death…exploiting your pet’s death. Could your conscience live with that?

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My vet’s techs made a plaquie for me when Prince died with his paw prints and some locks of his fur tied to it in a bag. I found it touching that they had done so – certainly did not want any further memoribilia.

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@gailcalled apologies I am not caught up on my history and didn’t mean to offend anyone. I thought it was more about using a family member as house item which would be connected of how I feel about my dogs. It would be like stuffing my mom and putting her on the mantel. It’s just wrong

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In a way I can understand the fascination that some may have to do this with their pets but personally I could never do it. It is exactly what you said – creepy. Great question.

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I hear Elton John wears his deceased pet on his head. A kind of memorial toupee. As does Donald Trump. That pony had a lovely mane too~

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Keeping the ashes- maybe… but having a pet stuffed, or making something else out of it?
I don’t think so.

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I would find it creepy. I don’t mind burying the pet in the yard with a headstone, or keeping the ashes with a nice photo of the pet when alive together in a drawer, but I wouldn’t want to wear the skin of somebody I have known. I can barely wear leather and cannot wear fur form critters I never met, much less a mameber of the family.

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My paternal grandfather was a dog lover all his life. He had a beloved huge St. Bernard, who had a litter of puppies at some point. The dog lived at my grandfather’s factory, on a tributary of the Bronx river. On a hot day, the dog went into the water for a swim; the pups followed her in, grabbed on and due to their combined weight, all drowned.

It was alleged by my father, years ago, that grandpa had the dog made into a hearth rug. I never discovered whether the story was apocryphal or not.

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My first husband wanted me to promise to have his tattoo tanned and make a wallet out of it. I thought it was creepy then and when he died I did not honor his wishes.

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@holden No, I wouldn’t. I also wouldn’t stuff her and sit her in a rocking chair. I do find humans and animals to be different – we actually do use animal fur and skin for functional things. The idea of doing so with humans, as the Nazis did, is completely different IMO.

Glad to know I am not the only who finds the idea appalling. I am also not a fan of keeping Fluffy “forever sleeping peacefully” in her princess bed. Then again, I don’t like mounting deer heads on the wall, either.

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@Judi Oooohhh gross.

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I mean… While I’m creeped out by the idea, I also see its practicality. In principle, I’m against killing animals for fur. In some climates, however, fur is really the best way to keep warm… If I were going to have fur mittens, I guess I’d rather know that the fur was from an animal that I knew, from being its owner, had lead a very good and long life. As I said… I’m a very practical person. Maybe too practical.

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NO! it is not that creepy at all ..

It is ok, you can mount the pets head on the wall or make nice bear skin rug or nice skirt or dress like Wilma and Fred Flintstone.

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The other thing I have to consider is that by the time my cats are ready to die they are very old. typically in their late teens but sometimes in their early twenties. By then, just as in elderly humans, their fur is no longer thick and shiny.

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@holden I thought of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not Nazis. GA.

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@Darwin Hey, I’m elderly and my fur is still thick and shiny.

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@janbb I thought that you had feathers. (c:

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@jmah Dang – shoudda stayed in school.

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@janbb aw..<<ruffles feathers>> ;-)

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@jmah do it again – it felt great!

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I might as well have Willow’s hair strewn around the living room for me to vacuum for as long as I own the house. It’ll make me feel like she’s still around.

That’s pretty much the way things are now, anyway.

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No, I wouldn’t. I know a few people who have, and fortunately have not visited their homes to view their deceased pet. There is a lot of new methods out there for preserving a pet. One person I met through an event (don’t know them personally) had their dog preserved so well, that he sits on her bed or wherever she happens to want to place it each day.

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tosses @janbb a guppy.

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@jmah Gulp! You can come play in my ocean any day of the week.

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Very disturbing. I’d rather just remember my late pet in my mind than as a piece of jewelry or some accessory.

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@yay! <<wraps tentacles around the bird in a tux>> <<squueesh>>

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I’ve always wanted to card and spin my dog’s undercoat when she sheds it, and would find it intriguing to wear a bit of her fur in that way. But I would not make a muff of her coat, with skin attached and all that jazz. I don’t think she would like that very much.

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The topic of this discussion, coupled with @janbb‘s and @jmah‘s cutsiness, is presenting rather odd images in my head.

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Animal lurve – it’s all great!

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I don’t know if I could ever “wear” my pet in that way. Just a little strange to me.

However, I did see a feature on Tv several years ago on a pretty unique method of preserving pet remains.

This guy has a freeze dry chamber. He works from photos supplied by the owners and poses the pets in whatever position they desire. It was remarkably life-like, not at all like taxidermy.

I had one calico cat at the time with the most unique and gorgeous fur pattern. Everybody would comment on it.

Unfortunately it costs a huge sum which I can’t afford so that was the end of that speculation.

But if I were wealthier, who knows.

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@holden That last “quip” of mine was actually in resposne to you. It looks a little dumb now hanging out there by itself. I should have @ed it.

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If you have ever lived with an akita during their semi annual BIG shed, you know that you can never ever get rid of all that hair in the carpet and creases of the sofa. So he will probably be with me long after his presence has gone (whether I want it or not!)

I liked the idea of having a rug made out of the wolf pelt, if I outlive Town Dog maybe I will have her made into a throw rug, she is beautifully marked, heheheh.

People do unusual things to assuage their grief, if it makes them feel better, I don’t much care what they do with the corpse.

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@gailcalled That is a very sad story about your grandfather’s dog. Very tragic in the way that it happened. I am also glad to hear you would never turn Milo into clothing accessories, I can say the same about my little Tigger kitty. Well maybe not so little anymore.

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@Trance24: That is one laid-back cat. Milo is too suspicious to fall asleep belly up; he snoozes like this:C

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@gailcalled Haha. Yea Tigger is one heck of a people cat. I am convinced he will sleep like that so he can be woken up by a nice belly scratch. =]

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I joke about doing it with my pets, with various parts (as @tinyfaery does.) Buster had such soft fur and I’d talk about it. And my cat Spencer is super soft, and I love his ears. I remember the first time I said it in front of my husband..I’m glad he stuck around even with my weirdness lol.
But, no, I could never actually go through with it.

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I had thought about for some more. I think it would be nice to mumify my pet. and have nice coffin made andhave it place it ,by the fireplace.

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@warribbons: Are you speaking German?

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@Darwin: Sorry I asked.

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@therookie – the egyptions mummified their pets and they were all stuck in the tomb together. Sounds like a good idea.

Actually I had the ashes of a couple of clients’ dogs. I had taken the dogs to be put down and the owners wanted the dogs cremated but then didn’t want the ashes. I didn’t know what to do with them so when my dad died I knew he would enjoy canine company and his dog wasn’t ready to go yet so I packed the dogs in the coffin with him. I am sure he liked that.

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A capital letter once in a while certainly couldn’t hurt. Especially regarding names.

Might help avoid a little confusion, ya know?

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@Buttonstc – Maybe he figured that capitals were included, since Gein committed multiple capital crimes.

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I perceive it to be a little creepy but that’s just me.

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Yeaaahhh riiiiighhhhht :)

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Film and early TV Star Roy Rogers had his horse Trigger mounted and put on display at a museum.

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@warribbons: But how about ending a sentence with a period?

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@gailcalled i just gave you some periods to end my sentences with. that is all

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@warribbons but that was an ellipsis…

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