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What word can I use to describe Conor Oberst's singing voice?

Asked by IAmForeverYoung (9points) January 10th, 2010

I have to write an essay for school based on someone who’s inspired me, and I chose Mr. Oberst. I cant, however, seem to find the right word to describe his voice.. help?

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@tinyfaery So true. He really doesn’t have a very good singing voice, but I think he’s a phenomenal songwriter.

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I’m a huge fan.

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@likeradar I feel like that is close to it, but his voice is so simple that its not QUITE the right word.. and @tinyfaery, I agree 100% but his voice suits his music haha I dont think a lot of his songs would be the same without it.

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It’s unpolished but earnest at the same time, like he’s singing straight from his heart in every song. god I love Conor :)

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@adinaa Oooh, earnest is good.

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I’d say pretty raw. Raw sounding, raw emotionally… Well, at least his older stuff his. His style has softened the past few years.

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Plaintive, earnest, wavering, drug-addled, and breathy.

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