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Computer Question: The light on my computer will not stay on. Any ideas on a fix?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12576points) January 10th, 2010

Hello. I would first like to give an apology because I know computer questions can be “annoying”. However, I thought I would try here before going elsewhere. May I offer one more apology? The wording of this question may be a bit off as I don’t really know the proper language.

This is a laptop.

Explanation of problem: When my computer is on there are two lights in the front of the keyboard (down below the clicker space). When both lights are on the icon in the task bar shows battery as full and a plug near it. Also my screen is bright. When one light is on then it just shows the battery. Also my screen gets darker. Now when I’m using my computer sometimes one of the lights goes off/screen gets darker. If I tip and tilt the computer it will turn back on/screen get brighter.
Any ideas on what the problem is?

History: We were having this problem previously and eventually it wouldn’t turn on at all. We got a new cord for the computer and it turned on with no problems so I thought perhaps because the old cord was frayed that was the problem.

So I am wondering if we are still having same problem or if it is normal if computer is tilted wrong way for the “light to go off/screen to darken”.

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It sounds like there might be a loose power connection. Possibly in the power cable itself or where it plugs in on the computer. You might also want to check the battery, make sure the connections aren’t dirty or loose or any other possible problems.

You might want to check the power cable “Box” thing. If you’re tilting the computer, does it tug on the power cord? You might try tugging on near the box to see if the computer shows the power cable light.

Since this has to be a hardware issue, you might want to take it in to wherever you got it, or somewhere to have it looked at.

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You might have a light sensor somewhere. Most computers do, they are there so the screen can be dimmed if there is not very much light. You can probably go into your preferences and change it to only manual brightness changing.

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Thanx for the ideas so far. I will look into them!

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When you’re using your laptop and one of the lights go off and the screen dims, does the icon on the taskbar remove that little plug thing? If that’s going away then it thinks the power adapter has been removed. If you already changed the adapter it could be a problem with the laptop where the plug goes in. This can happen if it’s been dropped or, in one instance I know about, someone trips over the cord and it gets violently yanked from the back of the laptop.

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I am with @mrentropy on this one. Whenever I unplug my AC charger/adapter, the screen dims (to conserve abttery life) and the leftmost LED goes out to signify that it is no longer connected to AC power.

Chances are that it’s the plug on the laptop’s motherboard.

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Sorry nothing of value to add, but I do have this. A warning to all who consider answering these questions in the real world…

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@drClaw Story of my life, actually.

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