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How did Mark Twain, Goerge Orwell, William March, and Louis-Ferdinand Celine influence Kurt Vonnegut?

Asked by shian13 (9points) February 28th, 2008
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How long is your essay supposed to be, what grade are you in, and would you like to know my hourly rates for ghost writing?

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Hang on, I know this one. Those other guys are all writers. Vonnegut read what they’d written, and that’s how they influenced him.

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Go, bob. Go.

I just turned 44 and I know three out of those five authors. How many do you know and how old are you? (that is a general you. I am not just picking on bob because I am old and snotty.)

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@argle: I am much older (and probably snottier) than you and I have never heard of Wm March.

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Twain seems an obvious influence in style. Vonnegut’s narrative confidence, sense of character and just the rambling is reminiscent of Twain.
I miss Vonnegut, too. I was just thinking of his influence on writers and pop culture.

Slapstick was one of my favorites. That refrain, “Hi ho,” remains with me today.

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