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How do I relieve my boyfriend's college worries?

Asked by Sloane2024 (1879points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

My bf has applied to numerous colleges, including Vanderbilt, Emory, Millsaps, & MS State. He is incredibley worried ‘bout his admission to Vandy, which is his first choice, his potential roomate, and other typical concerns.

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obviously he is new,just assure him that he has you and that is never going to change hopefuly and that your always a phone call away.all these problems are the beginning of many after graduation so he shouldn’t put too much stress on this since after a year from now he’ll probably post a question on this web app to how to get through studying for mid terms and life and a girlfriend.things work out for the best,thats all I have to say

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Well done ArieBoyer… Digg is——> way.

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@sloane; if your bf is sure that Vandy is his first choice and he will matriculate if accepted, he should drop the Dean of Admissions a (short) note stating exactly that. (If there is a Financial Aid issue, then my advice is no good.) That might be enough to give him a nose on the competition who are similar to him. Additionally, he has to be clearly able to handle the academics.

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you should talk to TennesseeTeacake. ive been messaging with her and she sounds pretty cool. plus she can tell you what you want to know about Vanderbilt.. she goes there.

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