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What works better when it's broken?

Asked by daemonelson (2242points) January 11th, 2010

A friend of mine and I have been pondering this question/riddle. And whilst we’ve come up with some amusing answers, we’d like something a little less childish than fart jokes (which have predominantly featured). Any answers would be good, be they amusing, deep or cause spontaneous combustion from revealing the secrets of the universe.

So, my fellow jellies, just what works better when it’s broken?

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a new pair of shoes ( as in broken in), a horse

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A glow stick….......

Your heart….........(the second time around anyway)

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A fire hose cabinet . . . instant ice packs (in first aid kits)

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The break glass on a fire alarm, and the break window on a coach emergency exit!

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a baseball glove

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My wife’s crockpot. she makes homemade vegetable soup all the time. it generally takes about four hours to cook in the crockpot. but, for some reason, her soup now takes longer to cook, usaually overnight. i believe its the thermostat on the crockpot thats no working correctly. its broken. it now works only on a very low temperature. i would never tell her this, but cooking her vegetable soup overnight gives the soup a much better taste. so, i think the crockpot works much better for the soup, ever though its broken…....sorta.

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Emergency Exit window

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Science, when we break down Earth’s resources and living organisms, we better understand them.

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Private parts…
(broken-in that is :)

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Fantastic answers, everyone. I shall relay and get back to you.

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My watch, at least it will be correct two times a day.

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With my face, a mirror.

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A zipper. Then you can just leave it down and not worry about the hassle of zipping it up or unzipping it.especially if you have to go

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A cookie. Broken cookies have no calories.

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“What works better when it’s broken?”

They always work best when broken.
As in Broken in.

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Please forgive me for this…

The Hymen.

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A horse, at leas from the rider’s point of view. The horse isn’t probably thrilled.

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A Stink Bomb..

A Boat or Ship – as in: an artificial reef

A Party Popper

A Christmas Cracker

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@john65pennington Sounds delicious… will be round to sample it tomorrow LOL !!

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A run of bad luck

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@ucme – now that is a GA!!

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A cyanide capsule

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@scotsbloke Aye t’weren’t half bad laddie~

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Nice picture…...Thanose sithe.

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@davidk I like it :D

@ucme That’s a good one.

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An escalator moving in the wrong direction. If it breaks it just becomes regular stairs.
That’s probably not it, too far-fetched.

There are several things that are designed to work less effectively than they could, like lighters and scooter engines. You can rework them to be more powerful. But that’s hardly breaking them.
And a fire alarm pane, a bomb or a cyanide capsule only work when broken, they don’t work better. That can’t be it either, if we can assume this riddle to be worded properly.

I think @ragingloli is on to something. It’s probably something you abuse for some end it was not made for. Like a slave.
Firewood? Does that work?

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Your prison cell….

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@Davidk I am so ashamed! I thought of that too but withheld the answer. I must be getting old!

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Poorly conceived laws.

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Congress. Let’s break it so it can’t vote. Then, we will have money left over at the end of their session.

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A hornets nest then they tend to go away and leave you alone.

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