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Have you achieved all your hopes / dreams / aspirations yet?

Asked by partyparty (9157points) January 11th, 2010

I think we all have dreams, hopes and aspirations throughout our lives.

Have you achieved any or all of yours, or are you still working on it?

What are you still hoping to achieve?

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I don’t think anyone does, and if they do, they are much older and don’t waste their time on websites like these. These people are on vacation near the equator or in a secluded cabin in Canada, or at work, making the money that they used to achieve all their dreams.

This is also assuming that most people generally want enough money to have a nice place and take nice trips and have fun with friends and family. Some just have dreams of having 10 kids and having a boring, mundane life surrounded by obnoxious kids all day.

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I sure hope not – why live, then? I have many hopes and dreams for myself and my family – for one thing both my husband and I want to go back to school – I, for my Phd and he, for his Masters. We also hope to conceive/adopt 2 more children besides the two we have already. We hope to eventually sell the house we live in now, buy land and build our own house close to the city here in NYC. I want to eventually work as a professor and towards the end of my life get into bioethics and serve on a committee. My husband wants to build a boat and have us sail around -sounds good to me. I have expectations that my children will grow up to be mindful and responsible to this planet and others.

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@Blackberry speak for your own children. mine are anything but obnoxious. and having 10 kids is far from boring

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My biggest hope for the future is to be happy. No I haven’t achieved this yet.

This in no way means that I don’t have happy moments but my life as a whole doesn’t make me feel happy right now and that is my aim for the future.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Congratulations, I bet you’re a stupendous parent :) I know you’re right. Everyone has different aspirations and situations.

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@Blackberry I am too a stupendous parent – I just don’t get why, if you agree everyone has different situations, you still paint people with many kids and their kids with a single brush, a brush you chose after a couple of personal experiences, I’m sure, that in no way a pattern make

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Oh, sorry if I offended you. I am usually the person that tries to debunk generalizations, but of course I still fall to judging by some. I have no parental experience, except for being a step dad for one year approximately, which was the worst time of my life so I have a lot of respect for parents, but since I had a wild kid, I don’t see how some people would want to subject themselves to such an arduous task.

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I sure hope not!

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Not even scratched the surface yet. So much more to do that will enrich & enlighten an already wonderful existence. Onward & upward.

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Nope, and I hope I never stop dreaming and aspiring. My largest goal right now is to get through school.

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I’ve achieved a few of them (finishing school, starting a beautiful family), but there are many more to come!

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I have children. That wasn’t easy. I have a wife who I’ve been through a lot with. There are other people who love me. I have a home. I have a decent job; albeit not as decent as I was hoping. I have experienced people being interested in knowing me because of what I wrote.

I’m not published. I’m not paid to write. I’ve never been on a book tour. I’m not paid to make music. I’ve never been on a concert tour. I’m not a guru. I’ve never been on a speaking tour. I haven’t saved the world. I’ve never been on a world tour.

I’m not able to free myself from my own scorn for very long. I’m not able to believe in realistic aspirations. I am too far away from being with the person I am called to be with. I am unable to shake depression for very long.

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As long as I’m alive, I’ll have some sort of dream. Why rest on your laurels?

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All of mine crashed and burned a few months ago. The only goal now is to get free of this damned depression.

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I have achieved some of them. I am at Stanford and I have a boyfriend. It’s a start. I’m only 18, so I have plenty of time to work on them. :)

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Of course not! They will continue as long as my brain is capable. And thats a goal I work on now so Im able in the future…keeping my brain healthy and productive. :]

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Current unfulfilled aspirations (a partial list):

- finish up my Associates Degree
– learn to skydive
– get a private pilots license
– travel to South America and Australia (I’ve been to all the other continents. Except Antarctica – too cold and nothing to do.)
– Have children (maybe)
– Retire from the military

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I hope to die at a ripe old age with a few things I still hope for, dream about or to which I aspire.

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Yes, I have found a fart detector.

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I hope I never achieve all my hopes dreams and aspirations.
After that, what is the purpose?

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