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My legs are killing me! What's the best way to deal with day-after soreness from working out?

Asked by RedMosquitoMM (531points) January 11th, 2010

Biking + lifting + new exercises = discomfort. I could use a reliable and healthy fix.

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Epsom salt bath, Stretching exercises, Motrin.
make sure you warm up by walking or jogging before stretching. you should never stretch cold muscles.

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Stretching exercises. Tylenol if the aches are really bad.

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Stretching, advil, and lots and lots of water.

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Your best bet is movement, as soon as you stop using the muscles they’ll cramp up and increase the discomfort. For recovery, make sure you take in enough protein and carbohydrates. They help the muscles rebuild and recover damaged tissue from the day before.

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Load up on the protein man! The more protein consumed, the quicker muscle tissue is repaired and the faster you feel less sore. As mentioned, try taking ibuprofen as well. DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a bitch. So load up on the protein, take an antinflammatory med, stretch, and rest!

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My BIL, who is an avid hiker, swears by light exercise, i.e. a short walk, the day after a long hike. I find hot baths and some stretching helps me most; ibuprophen if necessary.

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Heat, light exercise (just barely enough to work the muscles), NSAIDs (advil, etc.).

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Soak in a tub of hot water for 20 minues. while in the water, begin to slowly again excercise your leg muscles. the object is to not let your muscles get stiff on you. i have had plenty of experiece in this area and this works best.

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Ibuprofen is definitely the best thing the day after. Also, keep those muscles slightly mobile to avoid stiffness. I would avoid heating pads, heated water, hot water bottles, etc. because your muscles are inflamed. That’s what the ibuprofen is for, it’s an anti-inflammatory drug. Adding heat will just further the inflammation. After 48–72 hours is when you can add the heat and massage. If anything, I’d add cold water or cool compress, but stay mobile so you don’t stiffen up. Also, drink sufficient water to help flush out the lactic acid.

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A Hot bath will make you feel better . Stretching helps. I would do Yoga stretches.

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@ubersiren I guess I should have clarified further. I really get soreness TWO days after. The first day after a work out usually doesn’t bother me.

@EVERYONE Let me know if that clarification changes your answers. Thanks!

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Go to a swimming pool or if you are near a river stand in the river and the moving water will ease the soreness. My son was playing in a week long soccer tournment and the physio would bring any lads with calf muscle problems down to the river each evening. Alternativerly use the shower head and alternate between hot and cold water on the sore areas.

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Stretch an excercise a bit more. Keeping your muscles moving will keep them from stiffening. Just be sure not to over do and your stretches should feel mildly good but if it is hurting than you may be over stretching. AND DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!! People tend to forget about hydrating when they are starting up excercising again. If your muscles are dehydrated they will ache more.

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I’ll keep this info in mind. I went to the gym last night and just biked for a half-hour on average resistance (instead of 30 mins on heavy resistance followed by leg presses, hip abductions, raises, etc.) and my legs feel MUCH better this morning.

…unlike my back. lol

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take a hot bath, usually works for me!

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