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Do you give score so easily to answers and questions in Fluther?.

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) January 11th, 2010

I know I’m not originally from here(I came from AB),but I know good answers and questions deserve better score and from what I saw some good answers and questions just get smaller score than it should be despite many people use/has something to do with it,is that because people here not so easy in score?,too picky?,or simply don’t care about score?,is that any qualification you’re looking for?,how you usually act?.

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score? what are you talking about?

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@eponymoushipster a controversy, are you not aware?

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Some questions need scentence structure, periods, comas, and paragraph breaks.

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@peedub what the hell is this about?

@Judi amen.

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@eponymoushipster “Great Answer” and “Great Question” are made for scoring.

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I might be having a blond moment…...........I dont understand this question.
Scoring suggests a competitive streak or that we are playing a game here.
I think I’m possibly being asked if I give GA and GQ easily?
Am I?

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My guess is that Dr. D’s first language is not English and is doing a pretty good job of getting his point across. My take is he wants to know if you feel you give lurve easily or if you are judicious with it, and it appears Dr. d thinks some good questions do not get lurved enough.

I don’t dish out lurve easily. Why some good questions get little lurve I haven’t a clue.

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@Doctor_D no, they’re not made for scoring. they’re made for people showing their feelings on a topic. no one is ranked or scored here.

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@scotsbloke Don’t blame the blond….and you are so not getting a score from me. ;)

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I don’t give it out easily, unless it’s an answer to a question I have asked.

People do it how they do it. It is not reflective of the worthiness of the answer so much as the random feelings of the readers. I don’t think it’s something worth worrying about. I’d be in the hospital if I worried about every time one of my answers didn’t seem to be likes as much as I like it.

It’s not worth thinking about. Really. It’s just make you nuts.

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I came from AB just like you,I may not know the scoring system here but I personally won’t give score so easily here,I need to judge the quality of their answer/question first,if it’s need deep consideration and knowledgeable I’ll certainly give better score(although each person can only give 1 score,unlike AB). Your question deserve my score.

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@SophiscatedLady Thanks! (I simply ask,I’m not asking for score).

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@jonsblond – I meant Brunette, no, mousy brown, no baldie!!! or, a big boy did it and ran away…........

Ok, to answer the OP’s question fully then, I will give a GQ if I genuinely think it’s a great question, Usually when I think “I wish I’d asked that” – Great answers; same really, it has to stand out, have some thought behind it and warrant a little nod of ‘spect in the form of a GA.

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I give it out whenever i really like a question I have asked or an answer I see.

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I’m the same with SophiscatedLady,unlike AB people seems so stingy when giving their score here (if you’re good then you deserve good score).

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I was on that site also. We tended to throw points around like confetti. I know that the system here is more conservative (and rational), I’m trying to break old habits like GQing every question I choose to answer and GAing everyone who agrees with me or says something nice to me. Old habits die hard.

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I, also, am an ex-ABer. I tend to be much more picky here about giving away points than I was on AB.

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I give lurve if I agree with what someone wrote, or I liked how they wrote it, or sometimes even just for participating in a question. I don’t really care if it was well-written or not, so long as I understood their point. Sometimes someone writes something so hilarious it’s worth a 1000 lurve in my opinion, whether it’s relevant or not to the question/topic.

[Edit] I guess the short answer is yes. Some days I am more generous than other days

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I think the reason people don’t give as much lurve is because they have all felt the jellies’ sting so to speak. They had questions or answers they felt were the finest they’ve ever written, then found no lurve received upon their return. In response they give less.

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I personally award points to good answers. The answers have to be about the point being discussed and it should be helpful to me and others

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@Judi : @TheLoneMonk is correct! @Doctor_D is a non-Muslim from an Islamic country. Their knowledge of English is limited! Check the profile and a jelly’s previous answers before jumping on them so hard, especially in public.

I abhor sloppy punctuation and grammar but I make damn sure what’s behind it before I comment and I usually do it as a PM the first time.

The question of whether Lurve is given for popularity rather than for the incisiveness of a question or the helpfulness of the answer is a valid question.

I give credit for the quality of the contribution.

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Welcome to Fluther! When someone hits 10,000 points, there is a 10K Congratulations message where everyone gives everyone who posts a congratulations message Lurve points. This is a spontaneous custom that developed, sort of like a conga line breaking out during a street festival. For some reason, a large number of people have hit the 10,000 mark lately, but that’s not usual. Before December, it happened infrequently.

There are a lot of members who start over with a new user name with some frequency. Most people don’t seem to pay attention to their lurve points.

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