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What did you want to be (career wise) when you were a kid?

Asked by ArieBoyer (43points) February 28th, 2008
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I wanted to be an accountant when I was growing up.. (crazy)

Then I went to college for accounting and that lasted about six months. So then I switched to economics and that made me happy.

And now I do computer stuff all day and don’t do anything that is in any way related to my degree.

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Doctor/nurse, astronaut, and firefighter. I am still seriously considering firefighter. Unfortunately I don’t have the math/science skills to be an astronaut.

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I wanted to be a garbage collector when I was 4(because of the big truck). A zoologist when I was 8 (because of wild kingdom). Firefighter/EMT when I was 20 and it what I have been for the last 18 years.

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Yes, I should add that Gooch has helped me a lot in making the decision to be a firefighter. Thanks gooch :)

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I wanted to be a cowboy!!!

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A doctor, a gymnast and an inventor.

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Farmer, until I found out how much work it is.

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I wanted to be a radio DJ. Although I am not one now, I have been a DJ in the past. It was awesome!

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As a young kid, I wanted to be a Dancer, a Veterinarian, and an Astronomer. In college, I first majored in Psychology, then Speech Pathology… where I first learned of Audiology at nearly 23 years of age. And that is what my M.A. is in, and I still love it.

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eversince i can remember, i want to be a flight attendant or to be an ambassador.. anything which involves travelling, and visiting foreign country.. but i ended up with a different non similar career which though can easily bring me to travel or work in a foreign country.. but i opted to stay home and work here in my country..

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Since my exposure to Laurel and Hardy I wanted to be involved in film, with no specific direction until I found Ian Flemming’s James Bond novels at a used book store at the tender age of eight. I read every one I could afford. It was about that time that my parents discovered the womanizing secret agent in print hiding under my bed. Bond was confiscated, but that wasn’t about to stop this eight year old from fantasizing about his favorite brit. I immediately set to work on my own James Bond story (complete with steamy sex scene) in all its handwritten glory but fifty pages in, the moral mother discovered my Hemmingwayian loophole.

Following my prompt chastisement – I sat on my, recently tender, ass and stared at what was left of my mockery of the Bond saga. I began to meditate on the image of my furious mother discovering my work, I smiled, realizing that there was unfathomable power waiting to be released through the written word – I have been writing screenplays ever since.

I work as a writer in television now, just a screen size upgrade away from achieving my dream.

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Because i am still in my early youth (being 13), i am still yet to settle my heart on a career. I would very much like to be a writer or fiction, from fantasy, to romance, to horror!

When i was very little i wanted to be a Lollipop Lady xD

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A tree surgeon or a cashier at Clover.

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Since infancy, I wanted to be the author of a succession of erotic novelettes for women. However, my hopes were dashed when I found that all the good titles and pseudonyms were taken.
I might settle for ghostwriting classified ads, if only for the freedom of artistic expression. I need those kind of intellectual wide-open spaces to gambol in.

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i always wanted to do something in the medical field, like surgery. I’ll eventually do something with forensics though, whenever I have the urge to go to school again.

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