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My cat peed on my brand new duvet & blanket, what do I do?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) January 11th, 2010

I just got a brand new duvet and alternate down blanket and one of the kitties peed on it last night.

The blanket says it can be machine washed, cold with a delicate detergent and then just rinsed once or twice after that.
The duvet cover, it is multicolored, but mostly different shades of green and white. It says machine wash cold, separately, on a delicate cycle. I am worried it will shrink (I am not too familiar with the washers and dryers in my new apartment building), should I bring it to the cleaners?

Do you think washing these on my own is a bad idea? I feel like the blanket, since it doesn’t have feathers, will be okay but I am not sure about the duvet.

Also, is there a product (i.e vinegar) that I should add to the powder detergent to better ensure that the stench will go away? Thanks for your help!!!

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spray it with vinegar and water to get rid of the smell, use meat tenderizer to get rid of the amino acids (work it into a paste with a little water, should do the trick and then wash it….

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Washing it in cold water should not shrink it. I would wash it with Nature’s Miracle or there is a product specifically made to eliminate pet urine smells from laundry. I can’t remember the name offhand, but I will look and get back to you. It works really well.

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As long as it’s cold washed and cool dried (better yet, line dried) it should be reasonably safe from shrinking. But if you don’t trust your washers/dryers and can’t take the time to do a test load, I’d take it to a cleaners you know and show them the problem areas and instructions. If you do try it yourself I’ve always had very good results with direct applications of whisk and/or oxyclean with a little scrubbing. I’ve also used @evil2‘s suggestion (though as a watery white vinegar and salt paste) with good results and no issues.

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I have used “Urine Off” (seriously, that’s the product’s name) and it literally neutralizes the uric acid. I’ve had to use it in my car’s upholstery (long story) and it’s worked. You may want to check it out on the web to see if it works on fabrics. You can buy it online at their website or through a pet store/furniture store.

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There are sprays at pet store’s or even Walmart that detur cats from doing that.

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There is a product called “Simple Solution” found in most chain pet stores. You can put it on anything. It works like an enzyme and will take stains and odor out. Spray it directly on your duvet and blanket then wash them, separately. Do not put your duvet in the dryer, instead dry it on a line somewhere.

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Well… the vinegar & water spray on the blanket and washing it on a delicate cycle worked well. As for the duvet, I am still too worried to try it….

@Flo_Nightengale : i don’t have a line to dry it… you think putting it on the delicate cycle in the dryer would be harmful?

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Maybe take kitty for a vet visit to rule out a bladder or kidney problem. Unless, of course, this happens often.

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I just went through a similar problem oly it was salsa filled vomit not cat pee, my mother washed everything with the washer and dryer and everything turned out fine. Just make sure you use some kind of “spray and wash” first to work on the stain before putting it in the washer. If you are afraid of it shrinking then use no heat when putting it in the dryer and it will “air dry”. Good Luck!!!

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@Samantha_Rae how about hanging it over your shower curtain rod?

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@Flo_Nightengale : that’s an interesting idea but it’s a queen sized duvet and my shower rod is not so large but i think i’m going to try it bc this duvet needs to get clean.

@tinyfaery : he doesn’t ever do this, but the litter box was very due for new litter, so i’m thinking that’s why? as soon as i replaced it, he has been going in there since… so i don’t think i need to worry? if he does it again, i will certainly call a vet.

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@Samantha_Rae try folding the duvet in half.

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@Flo_Nightengale : then it wont really dry!

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@Samantha_Rae send it here to me and I’ll take care of it for you!! :-)

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Even if your duvet cover is folded in half it will dry. Don’t you have a washing line outside that you could hang it from? I would iron it before using, it should be good as new afterwards.

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@Flo_Nightengale : where do you live? don’t even tempt me! haha, just kidding. thank you though!!!

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@Samantha_Rae One of my cats (Rascal, not Cuddles my avatar) will poo at the bottom of the basement stairs when he thinks his box needs attention, and he is usually right. My son is a slovenly litterbox keeper. Neither cat pees on stuff, but just that turd. It is pretty annoying, but it gets the message through. lol

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Next question!!! (sorry!!!)—- the settings on my washer are colors, cold water; delicates, warm water; whites, hot water….. i put the blanket in and used the delicate/warm water setting, it was fine. I am worried about the duvet bleeding… should i do cold water and NOT delicate? oh man, i hate laundry.

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they make spray in the stores to stop this. Go to a store like Walmart and check it out.

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About for or five years ago my cat did that on a down feather comforter and I took it to the launderers explaining that it needs to be cleaned for cat urine. It cost some $.
Then she peed on the blanket again. So I took it to laundromat and washed with soap and bleach. Now the blanket isn’t fluffy nice like before.
She peed on it AGAIN. I threw it out. I bought a new one and she peed on that too. She has peed on all five down AND down alternatives comforters too. I stopped buying them. I have cotton blankets now and she doesn’t pee anymore.
I don’t get it. Her health is fine.
Is it some kind of territory marking?
Is it she can smell feathers in it?
Is it chemicals the manufacturer uses on the feathers to disinfect in the comforters?
I never did figure out the cause. But I don’t waste any more money.

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@OneMoreMinute : that’s really interesting! i think it’s probably a territorial thing… fyi, my down alternative blanket washed perfectly and is fully normal, unlike down blankets that don’t keep their fluff.

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Could there be a Bad Blanket Karma ? :-)

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Take it to the dry cleaners, you want to be sure all the odor is removed. I don’t believe you want it to smell like vinegar do you?

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@snugbug : this was from a while ago but just fyi, i put a little vinegar and water in a spray bottle, doused the area on the blanket and duvet and put it in the washing machine (probably a warm cycle, i can’t remember) with my normal detergent. they both came out perfect – don’t smell like vinegar, or cat piss. yesss!!! :)

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Well good news I have an 8 month old cat so if I ever need to know what to do I have an answer. Thanks.

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