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Who will win the presidency in 2008?

Asked by abeet123 (6points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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I don’t know..

I would never vote for McCain.
I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary.
I will take a few months off from work and go visit my mom in Kansas and actively campaign for Obama.

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they all stink but I don’t think icould bring mself to vote Hillary or obama

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Well, who would be your ideal candidate?

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it’s rigged anyways. [:

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I’m a McCainIAC.

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OMG you people, did you hear that McCain has NEVER BEEN ON THE WEB?? He doesn’t know how to use e-mail?? He’s getting lessons from his aides, and he’s almost got it now??? Come on people, how can you support such a dinosaur??? At least Obama has a clue.

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