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Will drinking cold instant coffee help me stay awake all night?

Asked by disturbed_broken (753points) January 11th, 2010 from iPhone

I stayed up all night last night went to school today with no sleep and I’m not tired and I want to stay up all night tonight and all I have is cold water and instant coffee.
Will it help me stay awake?

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It still has caffeine, so it should… why not sleep though?

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Why don’t you want to sleep?

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Well… Do you have a few bucks? You could always run to a walgreens or something similar and buy caffeine pills. I suggest vivarin (it’s the brand I use). 200mg tablets of caffeinated goodness.

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If it’s caffeinated, it will help you stay up all night, but your memory will be impaired, and your ability to think will decline about 10 IQ points a night. Depending upon where you go to school, of course, that may not be a problem.

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Haha ok thanks.
I don’t want to sleep because I want to be tired and I want to be so tired I won’t be able to think

@Jerikao how much are they? Can I get them at the pharmacy?

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@6rant6: additionally, as I learned in a brief psychological experiment I did back in highschool, after only a few days of little to new sleep your body begins to exhibit all the signs of having the common cold.

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I’m pretty sure that after 72 hours of no sleep you’re legally insane. Just something to keep in mind. You will almost certainly do better in school if you sleep at least somewhat regularly…

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@disturbed_broken: As I recall, the smaller box will run you about $7.00. But it’s been a while since I bought that crap.

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Caffeine works with the adrenaline in your system to help you stay awake. If your body is out of adrenaline, no amount of caffeine will help. I’m predicting that you won’t be able to stay awake tonight, and that’s going to be your body’s way of telling you that it really does need the rest. Not only the common cold, disruption of your circadian rhythms can cause all sorts of problems. Going only two nights without sleep probably won’t be detrimental in the long run, but there have also been studies done which have shown that loss of sleep and REM time can cause psychosis, or psychotic episodes.

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Its really not the temperature of the coffee that counts, its the caffeine in it.

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Get some blow. That’ll do the trick.

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@disturbed_broken Smarten up and get some sleep.

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I’m to stupid for that though sleeping is for smart people.
And I don’t want to sleep because I want to be really tired so I’m so tired I can’t be stressed out and no anxiety attacks at school tomorrow if I’m to tired to think!

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Your ability to cope with stress will not be improved by caffeine and exhaustion. You may be setting yourself up for a serious, crippling panic attack that may end up with you in the psychiatric ward. Only you can make good choices for you.

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