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How would you describe yourself -- history, personality, spirituality, whatever, in a way that best reflects the you you are now?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 12th, 2010

So I’m asking a lot, but what else is new? I guess I’m looking for what you think is essential about you at this moment. What your concerns are, what you’re doing, I don’t know. Whatever strikes you as being important at this moment.

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Uniquely me.

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happiness. it defines what I’ve worked for, found, and strive to maintain both for myself and those I care about. there is a lot that underlies it, but, I find it essential because, without it either as a state or a goal, what’s the point?

sorry for the macro view of a detailed question but, it my other driver at the moment is hunger, so time to make some dinner.

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I am a mommy.. This is my happiness.

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I’m a summary and a result of the events that have have happened to me along with the choices I’ve made based on these things that I thought would allow me to lead a decent life in the future, I think we all are. Even though I’m still trying to find myself, I still have rules for my life that will determine what direction I go in. For example, I made a big mistake of getiing married young, I didn’t like what it offered and had a hellish time getting out of it, but now I will use the knowledge I’ve gained to make more knowledgable decisions in the future.

I guess what makes me is my decisions basically lol?

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secure and relaxed. And THAT, is huge considering everything going on in the world.

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I’m happier now at a personal level than I have ever been before in my life. My wife loves me, as I love her. My five children and ten grandchildren are all healthy and have everything they need ( although I might wish we lived closer to each other – right now it’s 1,200 miles one way! ). The only bills I owe ( other than electric, insurance and the like ) are on our vehicles, and they will soon be paid off. We’re soon moving into a home we’re completely rebuilding the way we want it. The cancer attacking me has been in remission now for several months. And I ride a Harley! : ))

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At all times, since I reached adulthood, I have been in a constant existential crisis. It is what I do, who I am. I am rarely at peace. Because of this I am highly changeable. However, I am always uniquely me.

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@tinyfaery I can sure relate to that!

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Right now, going trough existential crisis.. so I would say, I’m trying to figure out what I stand for in life, in every aspect.. I’m a worrier, and a self critic.. so that’s it.. the 25 yrs old crisis..

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Right at this moment, I’m probably most likely defined by my lack of money. As horrible of a statement as that is, in America, you have to pay to play.

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Today I looked at my reflection in the train door glass and saw a tired face that does not reflect how much younger I feel – I am turning 26 this month and I have friends who think this is ‘getting old’ – I don’t believe it for a moment. I am disconnected to this number. Oh, and I still feel pain. In my neck. A lot.

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Obsolete, disconnected from modern culture, esoteric skills and knowledge of no real use to anyone, deeply mourning, clinically depressed, aspie asshole.

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It’s all about me.

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Experienced a lot more stuff than you’d expect other 18 year olds to go through. Was uprooted from a place I loved dearly to travel to a country which took me a few years to warm to, been through personal crises of sexual identity, went through a father-hating period, almost saw my family being torn to pieces, had this period where my brother looked down on me, cheated in my relationship (Came clean, never want to do anything like that again, don’t want to hurt my boyfriend the way I did).

Of course, I also have many many highlights, but if there’s one I want to raise, it’s that I found out what it was like to love and be loved.

Despite all my personal difficulties, I’m a very positive person. I believe that the world has sunshine and happiness and love, and that if anything happens to me, there’s always something to learn from it. I love to smile and laugh, and have a very child-like (some would say childish) towards the world. I always crack lame jokes and play tiny tricks on my friends just for everyone to have a good laugh. I recognise that there’s so much wrong with this world, but I see that there’s so much we can do to make it better, and one of the things that warms me the most is seeing how people can still smile in times of great adversity.

If the past has hurt us, then let us build a better and happier future from it. This is one of the ways you could say I view the world.

Was raised Christian, but because of my orientation and other issues, have been led to look more critically at my faith. I’m now preparing to read more about other faiths to see how they see the world and why they think they’re the correct one (recently got two free booklets from a Buddhist temple).

I believe in a god, and I believe in one singular God (with a capital “g”). I also believe that he’s good and means well for all of us. Too much has happened in my life to disprove his existence. Maybe I’ll find something else in my search. Who knows? This is just a snapshot of who I am today.

I love classical music and believe that more people should listen to it, does that count? I also can be quite a horny monkey at times but I generally control it well. =P

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Sad. Paranoid. Anxious. In love. Jealous. Happy. Ugly. Tired.

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@Dibley I feel all those except paranoid pretty much a lot.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Paranoia is the worst one, really messes with your head and I have no idea how to control it.

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FCC inspection today.

So being cool and easy going is where I am at. :-)

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Human beings do not “obsolesce.” We become obsolescent as individuals only with our own permission.

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Zen… again.

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