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Am I cooking myself?

Asked by XOIIO (18325points) January 12th, 2010

LOL at the expressio on your face as you read that :)

Whenever I shower I take a very long time. I start with the water medium warm, hot turned up all the way and cold halfway. Then I turn down the cold water every time I can’t feel the heat as much as I did, until it is pure hot water. This generally takes 20 minutes, and at the end when all the hot water has run out I douse myself in freezing cold. It’s great to wake up to, but back to my question. After I do this my skin is very, very red, and although it does not hurt to the touch, is very warm. Am I “cooking” my skin by doing this?

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No, but the blood is coming to the top to try to help get heat away for one. Like coolant. And too if it is so hot, then it might be bring in blood as well to help heal a mild burn.

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Not technically, the worst you might be doing is killing your tissues.

But an XOIIO hotdog would make an interesting study…;)

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Not to mention a 20 minute shower being extremely wasteful…

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@Spinel that appears to be an ad. “Visit his site now at to get the facts ”

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Yes, you are hurting your skin. What you are doing is tantamount to boiling a frog. You turn the heat up as your body adjusts so you don’t feel how hot the water is.

Also, as @FishGutsDale said, a 20-minute shower is a disgusting waste of water.

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@ccrow It’s an article directory. Of course there’s going to be links back to the original source. Besides, it’s not just a sales pitch. I do more thorough research than that.

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I used to do that. Loved it. It’s wasteful, but a good way to get rid of dead skin. Exfolliating is a good thing. (maybe less wasteful in a bath)

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