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Can you get pregnant on the last day of your period?

Asked by AshleyCashley (4points) January 13th, 2010

Sorry if the title was a bit much..

I recently discovered that I’m pregnant, but I’m not sure if it is my exes baby or the new guy in my life.

The last day of my last cycle was the day after Thanksgiving. We had sex that day.
Things happened and we split the next day.

I started talking to one of my friends, and we hooked up about a week later.
Don’t judge me.. I don’t want to hear it.. I was on Birth Control, but we didn’t use a condom.
We have had sex twice. Once a week later and then 3 days after that.

So my question is… is it possible that I got pregnant with my ex?
Or is it most likely that it’s the new guy?

I’m stressing out.. so please don’t be harsh..

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Have you seen a Doctor yet? If not, then that’s the first thing you need to do. He’ll tell you exactly how far along you are so you can have a better idea of who the father is. The truth is it could be either of them so I really suggest you see a doctor. Good luck to you.

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I cannot.

because I am a male.

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I agree with @kheredia on seeing the doctor.

I do feel that chances are it’s with your new boyfriend as that would be a more normative ovulation period. Go ahead and make the appointment- regardless of who the father is you need to take care of yourself and prenatal care is crucial.

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Unlikely but not impossible.

@kheredia we doctors and midwives would love to be able to be so precise in our pregnancy dating that we could tell a woman precisely how far along she is. Even with early ultrasound, the margin of error in dating is +/- one week

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I think at the moment the best you could do is toss a coin to decide.

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The problem with calculating is that pregnancy doesn’t happen instantly. It’s actually something that takes about a week to occur. Not only that, but it’s easy for sperm to survive in cervical fluid for up to five days, which is what probably happened here. Most logically it is the second guy you hooked up with.

Lets get down to the gritty details of the math. You were likely in your secratory phase when you hooked up with your friend, which means that you were in your most fetile phase of the month. Other signs that you were in this would be your vaginal discharge having been clearer and more fluid than normal. This would provide the best way for the sperm to get to the egg to fertilize it.

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It is possible to get pregnant at any time during your cycle. The timing of the hookup with your friend sounds more in line with when you would be most likely to conceive, but there is a chance it is your ex’s. Tough situation.

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Oy. Okay.. Thanks guys.

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It is entirely possible to become pregnant at any point in your cycle. As it stands, you’re probably looking at a DNA test because of the small period of time in which you were exposed to both sperm samples. Its really, really difficult to determine which it could be and the day you might have become pregnant that your doctor tells you is only a best guess, not a definitive answer to your question.

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Will I have to wait until the baby is born for a DNA test…?
Sorry if that’s a dumb question.. I don’t know if there’s another way..

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I think they should be able to test amniotic fluid…

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@AshleyCashley, anything definitive would have to wait until after the birth. In my professional opinion though, it’s more likely that your new partner is the father than your ex.

@delirium I don’t believe any reputable perinatologist would perform an amniocentesis for the sole purpose of sorting out paternity prenatally. There are some risks for both mother and baby.

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You caught a pregnancy… let’s pray you didn’t catch anything else!

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