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Americans: The upcoming football/soccer world cup tournament in South Africa,aware,interested thoughts?

Asked by ucme (50031points) January 13th, 2010

England (come on) play USA in one of the early matches in the tournament. Do, as is widely publicised, you view this global sporting giant as a non event. Or will you follow your country’s progress. After all they won’t stay in for too long~

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Well there’s a surprise. Incidentally, 0 answers (apart from my own) 2 GQ’s YAY!!

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The lack of answers from the USA does say it all.!!
I think Americans think “soccer” is for kids.

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@Sandydog Well the “world” series doesn’t really count now does it? Sorry the jocks won’t be there. I remember 78’ we’re on the march with Allies army, brilliant.

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I’ll start watching when they make it less boring.

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I once played with Kenny Dalglish when I was at school.
Now that game was “real” football LOL His team beat ours 9–4 !!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Yeah ,because FIFA do personal requests!

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@Sandydog King Kenny, wow impressed. Best Scottish player in my humble opinion. Along with Souness, gizza job!!

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Jim Baxter was probably better than Kenny – remember when he singlehandidly destroyed England at Wembley in 67— and it was theyre team that won the world cup in 66.
The alcohol destroyed “slim jim ” though.

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@Sandydog Woah steady on, slightly before my time old bean. I was just a nipper when Daglish et al played.

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@Sandydog I do miss the home internationals England v Scotland were classics. I remember when you jocks ripped up the hallowed turf at wembley brilliant!

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I actually think soccer is a great game but I am not interested in watching any competitive sports – American or international.

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