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What's your favourite sad music to listen to when you want to and just need to cry?

Asked by nebule (16446points) January 13th, 2010

I personally love sad music anyway…but I struggle to let my feelings out sometimes and I find music helps this… it envelops me and keeps me in the present moment just able to feel it and not move away from the pain…

What’s your favourite sad and melancholy music to listen to…name as many artists, songs, or artists and songs as you like…

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“Live Like You Were Dying.”

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When I am sad.

All music seems to make me sad.

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Nothing works better than SiaBreathe Me

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JP-Night comes down
You are all now bawwing at how awesome Halford’s voice was

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Theres a piece of music called “An Ending” which was played at one of my aunts funerals and I bought it on I Tunes it was so peaceful. Its really haunting. From an album called “Spirit and Destiny”.

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Follow you Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

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Remember to check out there other songs too…

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‘blue’ jayhawks

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Why by Jonathan Larson, the guy who did RENT. This song is from the musical Tick, Tick… BOOM!, which is semi-autobiographical. It was put together after Larson’s death using songs he’d written about his life. This one he wrote about his best friend Michael after finding out that Michael had AIDs. I was in Tick, Tick in college and this song was heartbreaking no matter how many times I heard it sung.

I had a hard time finding a good version on youtube, if you ever get the chance I’d recommend seeing this show in person, especially if you liked the music in RENT.

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Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event

it goes both ways

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Somewhere Down the Road by Barry Manilow and please, no jokes about how Barry Manilow’s music makes you cry too but for very different reasons!!! The lyrics are very relevent to me and can easily make me cry because of the memories it conjures up.

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All of the sad songs I used to like are now somehow referential to relationships with people of whom now fill me with burning rage akin to the level produced by some kind of burning-rage-machine.

In such situations, I tend to go for happy songs instead.

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“Pavan for a Dead Princess” by Ravel. Even the title gets to me.

Also “Lento Soctenuto Tranquillo Ma Cantabile” from Symphony No. 3 (“Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”) by Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki (the music playing at the end of the Jeff Bridges movie, “Fearless.”

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The Day The Whole World Went Away – NIN
And All That Could Have Been – NIN
Right Where It Belongs – NIN
Beside You In Time – NIN
Hurt – Johnny Cash’s version, Trent’s is good too though
Zero Sum – NIN (Being in a LDR that started over the internet and mainly manifests there this one destroys me if I’m in the right mood)
In This Twilight – NIN
Inflatable – Bush
Memories of the Past – Persona 3 (Might just be the story associated with it)
December – Static-X
Guitar 5 – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl soundtrack
Foregone Destruction – Unreal Tournament soundtrack
Furious Angels – Rob Dougan
Left For Dead – Rob Dougan
There’s Only Me – Rob Dougan
Breakeven – The Script
Mad World (some remix I picked up somewhere, no idea who it’s by :S)
Grace Is Gone – Dave Matthews Band
Wonderwall – Oasis

I’ll just stop now… :x

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@Syger : BRAVO! Oodles of wonderful songs in you list, I will have to check out the other I haven’t heard ^.^

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The late Jim Croce wrote so many great sad, songs:
Stone Walls,
New York’s not my home,
Box #10
It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way
These Dreams
Alabama Rain
Dreamin’ Again
Next Time, This Time
The Hard Way Every Time

This is some really great songwriting written by a man who had loads of experience in his short life. He died tragically in the crash of a small plane flying between gigs.

If these songs don’t help you cry, then you are made of stone!

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@ElleBee Hehe, thanks. Most of them hold personal meaning or I relate to an event or two in my life; but regardless they are very exceptional pieces of music, hope they might contain what you’re looking for. :)

Edit: Herp derp, got myself mixed up on the who original question was posted by, oops.

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Damien Rice can make me cry when I’m in a fantastical mood. So when I’m down I can get a good tear out by listening to him.

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“For the Good Times”

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I don’t usually listen to music to induce tears, but sad songs can still be comforting. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jets Overhead—Where Did You Go?
Great Northern—Low Is a Height
Antony and the Johnsons—River of Sorrows
Bananarama—Cruel Summer. That one’s particularly cheesy, but the lyrics say it all: “Cruel, cruel, cruel summer, leaving me here on my own…”

Also, I don’t usually listen to country music when I’m in any other emotional state, but if you are depressed and you want to really wallow in your sadness for an hour or so, there’s nothing better.

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I agree with @knitfroggy. Damien Rice’s The Blower Daughter could do it. Don’t Give Up Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel (at around 3:30 in video I get chills) and This Year’s Love by David Grey.

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“Elegy for Strings”-Samuel Barber or Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto.

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If I’m unhappy the most upbeat song can reduce me to tears, generally because I’m so freakin’ literal. Music has associations for me, and I make stupid connections and just wallow.
if I’m down and feel like I NEED a good cry just to kind of get it out, I’ll pop in my copy of Wuthering Heights wigh Ralph Fiennes and Juliet Binoche. They’re doomes, we KNOW they’re doomed and I can just start bawling and have a legitimate excuse. “He-He Heath C C C Cliffffffffffffff lo-inhale hov inhale hov inhale hoves K K K Kathyyyyyyyyyyy, Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Sh inhale sh inhale she doesn’t know, dumb girl.” (twitch, sniff) “They b b b both gon gon (twitch) gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie. Aahhhhhhhhh”
Then I feel better.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Try Gorecki Symphony #3, or Arvo Part Te Deum.

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@Rarebear Thanks, I’ll find them. +GA

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I dont cry to sad music when im down. I actually try to make myself feel better and get out the house and keep my mind distracted. works wonders.-

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Joni Mitchell’s Blue albumn

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Some of my favorites are sad ones. I prefer them to sugar coated doo-dah music. I don’t have any favorite crying tunes though.

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R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts”

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The Freshmen by The Verve Pipe

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John Lennon’s Nobody Loves You When Your Down And Out
Hank Williams I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Frank Sinatra’s How Insensitive
Linda Ronstadt’s Long Long Time
Judy Collins’ SendIn The Clowns
Procol Harem’s WhiterShade Of Pale
Fleetwood Mac’s Silver Spring

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Bridge over trouble waters

Amazing Grace-anyone who can carry a tune breaks me down.

Jesus died just for me-Gospel genre

God of a second chance-gospel genre

Tomorrow, It’ll be over in the morning, The Question is; all from The Winans.

Pretty much any gospel worship song.

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I’m not really the type of person who likes to wallow, so I don’t tend to listen to sad music when I’m sad. But if I want sad or sentimental music, I will turn to:

La Jardin Feerique – Maurice Ravel – The most sentimental piece of music I’ve ever heard. I’ve had more than one person agree with me on this. It’s truly amazing.

Pavane pour une Infante Defunte – Maurice Ravel

Pavane de la Belle au Bois Dormant – Maurice Ravel

Requiem – Maurice Durufle (for some reason, composers named Maurice seem to be good at the sad/sentimental effect). There are parts of the requiem, especially the Lux Aeterna that just have this calming sentimental effect.

Intermezzo – Pietro Mascagni

I was looking through my popular music, and I just don’t seem to have any sad music. I have some more negative music, but none that is really sad. I’m just not a sad music person.

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California Uber Alles!
More for the screaming than the crying… I don’t cry, sadly.

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Norah Jones- all of her music. All.

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Pretty much anything by Bread. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, David Gates is one depressed fellow.

A couple of other great ones Oh Brittania by Ian Hunter, How Does it Feel by Slade, Gettin in Tune by the Who, The Scientist by Coldplay and All These Things I’ve Done and Read my Mind both by The Killers.

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I had almost forgotten Edith Piaf “non, je ne regrette rien”

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when i want to cry, i listen to if it means alot to you by a day to remeber

and sad day by monkiez doin it

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This everytime! Even when I’m not sad it makes me cry. Also, this

@Dr_Lawrence Lurve for operator that song reminds me so much of my mother!

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Kaleidoscope by Kate Havnevik always puts me in the mood to let go. I love her songs. She has a very beautiful voice. :) I also like Isobel by Dido. Those songs especially put me in the mood to cry. :)

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Either AFI or Bright Eyes. That crap is pretty depressing, but I dig it.

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Elliott Smith / The National- pretty self-explanatory
U.N.K.L.E. – cool, dark, trancelike music
Death Cab for Cutie (particularly The Photo Album) – vividly evokes my high school years

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I stopped intentionally listening to sad music after my first wife left.

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I have pretty mixed emotions at the moment ranging from feeling sad, angry, betrayed and then wanting to forgive and trust again…so the music that totally feeds all of those emotions is Placebo.

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when I was younger and going through a lot of first time heartbreak I listened to Patty Griffin’s ‘Living With Ghosts’ album even though Im not a big fan of the female singers. I was a little embarrassed about this because all my friends would have called me a sissy. So, when other people were around and I still wanted to listen to that type of music I would put in August and Everything After by the Counting Crows

I listened to both of these albums hundreds of times during college and would have probably done something stupid if I had not have had this music to help me escape what I thought was the worst feeling in the world.

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Most songs from Telepopmusik, “everytime” by Britney, Some Aly&AJ, and “Don’t Cry” by Olivia Broadfield.
There are some others but those are the major…im sad a lot

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@RAWRxRandy Everytime by Britney is beautiful. I’m not a Britney fan but that one, I love.

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“Stars go Blue” by Ryan Adams.
“Swim” by Jack’s Mannequin
“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley
“Augustine” by Patrick Wolf

I listen to these when I cry.

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Geez, forgot my favorite sad song!

Jaques Brel : Ne me quittes pas

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@filmfann love love love that song….big lurve for that

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This afternoon I listened to Sad Songs and Waltzes by Cake, good burn song.

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@filmfann but Nina Simone’s version is better ;-)

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Cyndi Lauper also does a very nice version of it.

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You Were Always On My Mind – Willie Nelson
Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton
Running Up That Hill – Placebo
Different Stars – Tresspasser’s William
Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy
Give My Love To Rose – Johnny Cash
Closer – Kings of Leon
How To Disappear Completely – Radiohead
Knives at the Wall – Liz Durrett
December – Norah Jones
Blackbird – The Beatles
Hometown Glory – Adele
Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol
Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol
Set the Fire to the Third Bar – Snow Patrol


Teresa Teng. I especially like this one. It’s sad, about a love lost. It’s even more sad, knowing that Miss Teng died young and so tragically.

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The soundtrack from Sleepless in Seattle.

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Welcome To My Life – Simple Plan
My Own Prison – Creed
Come Cryin’ To Me – Lonestar
It Ends Tonight – The All-American rejects

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My immortal by Evanescence.

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When you’re gone by Avril Lavigne.

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Mayday Parade have some very emotional songs. As do Simple Plan; Welcome To My Life, specifically.
All Time Low’s song Lullabies and Therapy, they’re more upbeat but the meaning behind Lullabies is very sad and the lyrics to therapy are rather emotional.
Cancer by My Chemical Romance is sad as well.

Tears In Heaven, which I believe is, correct me if I’m wrong, by Bob Dylan. That song tugs on the heart strings, as it was played at both my nan and pops funerals.

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Currently- Tom Odell – Long Way Down

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Interesting question! Oasis”’ Wonderwall” gets me…and when I occasionally play it at a local pub, I can practically hear the entire room groan!... “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” by either the Beatles or George Harrison helped me cry buckets when I was 16 and “fell in love” on a vacation in the Bahamas with my family. The first half of “Freebird” of course: I mean the lyrics are something like “if I leave here tomorrow…would you still remember me?” Just thinking about those words and the music make me want to cry. Seriously.

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