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What's the best way to treat burns from hot oil?

Asked by avvooooooo (8880points) January 13th, 2010

Cooking Mongolian beef tonight of course I managed to injure myself. This time it was hot oil that got all over my wrist. What’s the best thing you’ve found for dealing with hot oil burns? They’re about 45 minutes old, I hit my wrist with lukewarm water immediately after it happened.

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Sorry to hear it! I’m thinking slather it in aloe vera.

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Oil can be hot enough to blister. If you get blisters, do not pop them (can cause infection). It also means it is likely a second degree burn if you blister. I would use cold running water or a cold compress (or even an ice pack) to reduce the burning feeling. There are topical burn ointments but most are only good for a first degree burn. Aloe works well, but don’t use any ointments or cream other than antibiotic ointment on broken skin. Cover to protect but allow it to eventually air out.

If you have any hint that it’s infected (like tomorrow or the next day) be sure to see your doctor.

Do NOT use butter!!!!!

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Cold water. Depending on the extent of the burn. How odd, btw, I just had Mongolian Beef delivered, extra spicy with extra Hot oil in a cup! If the burn forms a blister and is only a couple layers deep, just keep it covered lightly with a loose dressing. No ointment, no butter, nothing other than cold water. If the burn goes deep, you should seek treatment at the ER because you could get that infected.

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I think its just first degree… I got it under water pretty much immediately, so it didn’t have a whole lot of time to burn down… No blisters yet, but it looks like there’s one spot where one might be trying to form.

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What I would do, and that’s not much. Pain killer, endure, maybe a soft bandage. Aloe Vera for recovery.

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Water, aloe vera or/and cool, cut tomato and seeds applied directly to burns – usually good for sunburn, but would need to check severity.

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A & D Ointment is really good for burns. Helps take the soreness out. Also aloe vera will help soothe it.

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Manuka Honey is just the ticket for burns, truly

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Try toothpaste. The cool mint effect helps.

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