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Some advice on buying rechargeable batteries?

Asked by paulc (2924points) February 28th, 2008

I love having wireless keyboards and mice but I loath feeding them batteries constantly. I’ve seen all sorts of battery charging apparatuses that range wildly in cost. Looking for something that isn’t too expensive but can charge long-lasting batteries (AA).

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I have an energizer multi size battery charger. It is very nice, charges fast. The batteries don’t last as long and discharge if you don’t use them right away. I’d recommend it for a house with lots of battery charged devices. If you are a road warrior I would try USB batteries. They are like any other battery but they charge via USB. They are still very expensive though.

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I think that rechagable batteries serve thief purpose but I don’t see the need when it comes to mouse and keyboard? I use to game heavily and could get a couple months out of them. Are you by chance using an off brand keyboard combo? I have very good luck with logitech products and actually the current one I use the mouse Is recharble on its base and the batts in the keyboard last forever it seems.

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My question also about 6 months ago. I use double A batteries by the boatload for my camers and flash units. I realizied I had a problem after taking pictures at a friends wedding and went through 30 double A batteries for the 2 (5 batteries each) TTL flash units (these are through the lens free standing and are triggered by a remote signal). The rechargable battery I found to have the longest shelf life and use life to be the Eneloop, a nickel mercury hydride battery made by Sanyo.

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