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How can I learn to dribble the ball when wearing size 13 shoes in basketball?

Asked by talljasperman (21910points) January 13th, 2010

The last time I played basketball I was 6’6” and had size 15 shoes and i was 15 years old…I found out that 90% of all dribbles bounced off my shoes and then went wild…now my shoes size is 13 and I’m 32 years old and I wonder if I can dribble again. How does one learn how dribble properly…I don’t have a basketball anymore and I’m not on a team anymore…It would feel nice if i could fix that problem…any advice

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Do you dribble with your feet? Sorry.

Either you got the technique or you don’t – many B ball players have huge feet – it comes with the height.

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Most basketball players have shoes in the 15–17 range.

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I used to be fine in grade school until I got tall

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Perhaps cutting off your feet at the ankles would solve your problem.

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You can’t dribble a ball that doesn’t exist…

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@frdelrosario my grandfather suggested that

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I switched for a time to fencing and I did pretty good I need a new sport seeing the club disbanded… so I’m wondering about basket ball I was spotted in grade 9 for the UofAlberta basketball team but I couldn’t fix my dribbling problem…so I didn’t apply…

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I can still slam-dunk but I forgot how to do a lay-up…All I was told in school was practice…practice..practice…but I got bored playing alone…and constantly feching the ball…
now I’m getting fat without a sport to play and I’ve turned to reading textbooks and watching digital T.V..and I’m sick of walking around town.

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So your feet shrank two sizes? That’s unusual.

In any case, the only way to learn to dribble the ball is to dribble the ball. Start slowly so you learn where your feet go and where the ball goes. Gradually speed up and then Bob’s your uncle.

To really get good at it, however, you have to want to do it so badly that you spend all your waking hours bouncing a basketball or learning to pass it around your body or shooting at the hoop. This is a description of how to teach kids to dribble, and here are some dribbling tips. Here are a number of videos about how to dribble.

In other words, practice…practice..practice…

Have you considered soccer? Large feet can be a real plus in that sport.

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@Darwin yes I love soccer I have two siver medals in the sport…But there’s no team in my hometown….Yes soccer that would help…thank-you… I still have the cleats.

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@talljasperman – What if you start a team? Or even better, start some kids’ teams and work with them.

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@Darwin yes I have free time… I’ll see what I can do by the time the snows’ gone from the soccer field.

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@Darwin I’ll ask the schools and the community outreach if they still need help with soccer… thanks

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Buy a basketball, and dribble anywhere you are near a hard floor. Start low to the ground, and as you gain control, dribble higher. When you can control it from about waist level, then start walking as you dribble…then walk fast, then faster, then run.

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