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Whats there to do at 3 am?

Asked by killerkadoogen (421points) January 13th, 2010

Its almost 3am and I am not tired : P.. I have googled all I can think of.. Chat rooms are stupid , there is no real conversation just people typing crap about nothing. No one is on aim.. I think I just need some communication. Anyone got any ideas? lol

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fluther? well i would actually watch “IT Crowd” till i get to sleep

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watch what crowd?

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Fluthering, defintely. :)

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you can look and take career info on the internet… could always make a bogus account on e-harmony and see what you can get

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Take a shower like I’m about to do, and then watch a really boring movie or one of those annoying infomercials. I’m sure it will help, it always does for me.
If not take unisom.

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If Fluthering doesn’t do it for you, try reading a book. Oh, and there are always those late-night infomercials! You never know when you might have a sham-wow emergency! ~

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@augustlan It’ll make you say WOW!!

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I do like my sham-wows- not so fussy for the slapchop. sigh

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You are not sleeping at 3am? Better start do it now. Good for you, definitely.

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Watching re-runs, eating unhealthy food while on the computer playing world of warcraft! Now thats a good time :)

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Well, its almost three mountain time, and I’m still up :( my advice doesn’t work for myself.

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Fap to some pr0n

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I am done with world of warcraft .. i never want to play that again.. Reading helped a little bit.. And so did playing nintendo ds. But only for so long.. I will check out the IT Crowd if im up again tonight.. Really the internet does nothing for me anymore. I need real stuff, I cant reach into the internet and touch stuff. I need people but so far all the people on facebook i have reunited with only one person seems interested in seeing me. Well maybe 2 people.

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Best of YouTube

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@killerkadoogen lol! i go on and off warcraft. I understand what you mean though.. you get sick of virtual stuff.

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At 3am, if I’m in the mood, I get ready to go clubbing, I get get there at 4ish… by then most tourists are going home. I can dance with a good crowd till 9 or 10am. Then I’m ready for great sleep… if I’m alone that is.

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