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If you had the chance of emigrating to any European country, which would you choose and why?

Asked by Marrakech (139points) January 14th, 2010

The grass is always greener…....or is it? What attracts us to different countries and what makes us think that life is any better or easier for the natives of those countries? Surely, life is the same everywhere? Are we just dreaming or is there a ‘pot of gold’, ‘paradise’ at the end of the rainbow?

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I already live in Europe but if i was to change for i while i would go to Estonia where wi-fi internet is free

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Italy. Specifically my wife’s hometown.

She is naturally fluent in the language and I can understand most things and speak a little.

The food.

We could live for extremely cheap (or even free) in a house owned by her family.

The food.

They live at a much slower pace that I could certainly appreciate now in my life.

The food.

We know many of the people there and could fit in quite nicely.

Oh…and did I mention the food.

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At the moment I would like to live in ANY country warmer than the UK.

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Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain Wine. Women. Water. Sun. Seafood. What more could one ask for?

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I understand the language, the food is great and I just love the place.

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I’ve been half-heartedly thinking of moving to France once I get my degree.
I want to learn French like a native speaker. The weather is more agreeable, too.

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I would move to Berlin, I lived there for 3 months a couple years ago and just loved it.

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Italy, pretty much for thesame reasons as @cprevite but change “my wife” to “my family”!

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Awright – 3 one-way tickets to Italy please.

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I already live in the UK but I would consider emigration to Spain. There is already a sizeable British ex-pat community there, the language is relatively easy to pick up (I was getting by conversationally after only 3 weeks, which is really good going for me). When I visited Spain I stayed in a Spanish community (not a tourist place) so I got to know more about what the lifestyle is really like like over there. I love Spanish culture, food, and the weather is better too.

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@downtide I doubt the Spanish have been snowed in these past few weeks like we have here in the UK!

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@Leanne1986 Malaga is 18C and sunny…

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