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What are some ways for kids to earn some quick money?

Asked by lexipoorocks (146points) January 14th, 2010

Ok I really need some decent cash because I.. just do.. I want to start a bank account but I want to start it when I have at least $1,000 because it can help me once I’m out of college and you know. I dont want to do a lemonade stand or a yard sale because not many cars go by my house.. I was thinking of going to that store where you give some guy anything you want to sell and he puts it on ebay. But if I’m not going to that store I dont really want to sell stuff online. No chores around the house, and I’m not old enough to get a real job. And dont say gambling if you are trying to be funny! Ok thanks. I want some really creative ideas people!

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mow grass.

Knew a kid growing up that made almost 2 grand mowing grass.

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Washing cars and walking dogs. I walked everybody’s dog in the neighbourhood when I was a kid (for the enjoyment as well as the money!). How old are you? Here in the UK, plenty of kids get a regular paper round which gives them a set amount of money each week. It’s usually a couple of hours before or after school and my friend had one from when she was about 12 years old!

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Mowing lawns, walking dogs/pet sitting and baby sitting. All those helped me out a lot to get good money when I was too young to get a job. Also just be available and open for whatever and ask around. When people know you want to work they’ll take you seriously and let you know if something comes up. Just make sure that you’re actually willing to do the work.

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How about chores for older people?They need the help and can be generous and certainly appreciative. I’d like some nice energetic kid to volunteer to clean my gutters, wash windows, shovel some snow and prune pine trees. Where do you live?

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Good thinking! Congratulations on being a responsible young adult.

Why do you say no chores around the house? Do you just mean your own house? You could send out fliers to your neighbors that you’re willing to do small odd-jobs. It’s a good season for snow shoveling, if you’re in that type of climate. If not, inexpensive lawn care help is always appreciated. I would discourage doing the sales thing on ebay and such if you’re looking to do something under the table… there’s less of a chance that the tax man would come after you if you just did some handy-kid work in the neighborhood.

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When I was a teenager, I put an ad in the local newspaper stating I was looking for work, willing to work, and a range of different things I could do. I got all kinds of reponses. I got two general handyman type jobs, multiple lawns to mow. and some houses to paint. I made all kinds of money and had those jobs all the way through high school. That was actually a great time. All kinds of money and a lot fewer issues to deal with. It was a small town so I knew everybody, but be careful if you don’t know who the people.

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Dog walking
Full time proffessional dog walkers can make between 50 and 100 thousand dollars a year, so you should be able to make some cash.

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pocket picking and shop lifting. good luck. and remember: DON’T GET CAUGHT.

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