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Will you let your dog/a dog to lick your face?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) January 14th, 2010

Everyone who own a dog/dogs will know that their dogs love to lick their owner’s/someone’s face as their sign of affection. But if your dog/someone’s dog(could be a stranger) suddenly wants to lick your face(included your eyes,lip,nose,etc) will you honestly allow them to do that?,if yes,will you let your face unwashed for long time?,will you judge them by looks,size,owner,or else?,any regret/concern if they lick your face by accident?,and what do you think about their saliva?.

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Sure, my face has been in a lot dirtier places.

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I have a nine pound Chihuahua/Pomeranian who occasionally gives me a little “kiss” (lick) on the cheek/ tip of my nose when I get close to him. It doesn’t bother me atall.

When I was in high school, I did some co-op work at our local shelter and got doggy kisses all of the time. I didn’t bother me.

And, puppies, ah, well there’s puppy breath. :)

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I won’t even let our dog lick my face. Or my hands.

My kitten can do what ever she wants.

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I let my dog lick my face all she wants. I just try not to think of the gross things she sniffs and tries to eat.

I don’t let strange dogs do it though… clearly, they’re way germier than my dog. ~ Except puppies. My face is open market to puppy kisses.

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I’ll let anyone lick my face.

My wee dog (R.I.P) had such bad breath I hated it but it was her way of showing lurve! and I washed my face regularly – ish…

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Nah, I don’t let even my dogs lick my face.

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But, but, but….dogs eat poop!

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@holden mine too! Gross!! If I can smell the “poop” breath then I have to back away. Otherwise, I’m all for some doggie kisses.

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Love my dogs, but I don’t want them to kiss me or lick me. They enjoy licking their own and each other’s crotches far too much.

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ewww gag can’t stand the thought

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No, I don’t let dogs lick me. It totally grosses me out.

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Ewww I would never let any dog lick my face! I don’t think I would let a dog get that close to my face, unless it was a tiny puppy. And if a tiny puppy licked my face I would still be somewhat grossed out and would wash my face as soon as possible, or at least wipe it off with a wet napkin or tissue. When a dog licks my hands (although I rarely am non-vigilant enough for this to happen) I wash them as soon as possible too. I’m very grossed out by dog saliva. I will let my cat lick my hands (not my face), but I always wash them before I eat or touch/prepare food.

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I do all the time.

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Yes, I let my dogs lick me.

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I wouldn’t let a dog lick my face. The thought makes me gag. not a dog fan

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I like doggies, but I don’t like them that much.

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My dog can lick my face. One or two other dogs I know can get away with a few licks. Stranger dogs can lick my hand.

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No, I don’t let my roommates’ dog, or any creature, lick me. That tongue is what they use to clean themselves with. No thanks.

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Yes my beagle licks my face non stop, my husband gets tired of it quicker than me usually. I believe in what a lot of people tell me is that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a humans

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I don’t invite licking around my face but by the same token I don’t freak out when it does happen. My Staffy is a serious licker and there are times when it just can’t be avoided! I was also raised with Flatcoated Retrievers and anyone who has ever had them will know that dodging the tongue becomes an art!!!

When it happens I rarely wash it off straight away because I usually forget pretty soon after it has happened. In 23 years of being licked by dogs I am not dead yet!

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Not usually, but it breaks my heart when they’re so eager to, and get rejected, so I usually let them lick just my chin :)

My cat licks JUST like a dog – I only let him lick the tip of my nose (otherwise he’d be going for my entire face, and cat tongues are not smooth like dogs’) or my hands.

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No and never.

But, he seems to now and then slide one in there and it usually goes on my mouth.

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Sure, I definitely let my puppy lick my face. Despite the puppy breath. Her veterinarian does, too! She’s only five pounds, so he usually examines her while she’s sitting on his lap and trying (usually succeeding) to lick his face. He turned to me once and said, “I’ll bet your patients don’t sit on your lap when you examine them!” :-)

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@Dr_Dredd made me smile

i love my god and i do let her lick my face. she has no eyes.

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After seeing my dog vigorously bite/scratch her vaginal/anal area, I decided to never accept face licks. I’ll let her lick my hands (which I can wash) and my neck (if I know I’m taking a shower later that day).

Yesterday, my dog got close and licked my lip. I suddenly felt my entire mouth go numb in a feeling of disgust.

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@warribbons You meant dog,not god right?.

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Aren’t dogs’ mouths cleaner than those of humans? I thought that was a pretty established fact. Humans have WAY more bacteria in their mouths, so I’d definitely let a dog lick my face before another person.

When I was a baby my dog would lick my face and I would stick my tongue right back at her while she did it!

Sure, I’ll wash my face after an intense licking, but I’m not grossed out by it. As long as the dog doesn’t get nippy when they lick, it’s okay by me.

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@ParaParaYukiko You’re right,only if they brush their dog’s tooth and keep them vaccinated regularly.

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will you let your dog bite a chunk off your face??

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I only let small puppies give me kisses, because they are puppies. But after a certain age I can’t stand it. I won’t let them lick my hands or my face. To me it’s like baby feet their cute and fin to play with but when they come home with filthy feet when they are like one or two, then it’s gotta stop

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I don’t encourage it but a lick now and again is not cause for alarm or obsessive cleansing.

You can catch a lot more diseases from human saliva than dog kisses.

And according to recent answers to some pretty personal questions on fluther, I’d say human tongues apparently get around pretty much as well.

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I let my little dog give me a wee lick now and then (with his little not overly saliva dripping tounge). I would be opposed to him licking my face clean like a lollipop but a wee kiss is nice.

Makes me feel loved and special somehow.

So cute in the mornings I sit on the floor in front of my mirror applying makeup and Shpanky actually sits in my lap. He stares up at me (in my mind I have decided it is “lovingly”) and then when I say something like “Love you Shpank Dog” he will lean up and lick the tip of my nose or chin.

Awwwww xoxoxoxo :)

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I don’t mind, so long as I’m not going anywhere that doesn’t want me smelling like dog lick.

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I don’t mind my dog licking my face, I’m not obsessive about germs and stuff and I’m not dead yet. I’m pretty sure human tongues have just as many bacteria as doggy ones.

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I’m OK with my dogs affectionate licks of the back of my hands and the side of my face.
I wash my hands frequently.

The more people I meet, the better I like my dogs.

No French kissing tolerated!

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I work with dogs so it’s inevitable to not get a kiss now and then. Honestly, I don’t care so long as it’s not on my mouth. I let my dogs give me kisses all the time but I know they are not poop eaters. I’m a little more careful about it with dogs I don’t really know but it’s kind of hard when you’re working with different dogs on a regular basis.

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Dogs lick your face as a sign of affection.
They must really like their balls.

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I allow my dogs to lick my chin. Its only the younger ones that do this, the older ones show more restraint. But they’ve learned that I will allow them to lick my hands and my chin, but not anywhere else.

Your chin is relatively easy to wash compared to the rest of your face, even if it is rather close to your mouth. I’ve only gotten kissed on the lips once doing this and that was because I moved.

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@Doctor_D yea i mean dog… lol jeez bad typo.

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Mine – yes. Yours – no.

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I don’t know…I tend to reject kisses from anyone who licks their own genitalia and beyond.

I’d like to read substantiation on that deal about dogs having little bacteria in their mouths. It makes me nearly nauseous to see someone really take a licking on the face/mouth from their dog.

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I don’t even have dogs anymore and I love doggie kisses! Especially when you’re lucky enough to get the puppy breath from the young ones. In the meantime, I have to settle for my kitteh’s (spelling on purpose) breath.

And for all you naysayers out there that think it’s just “gross”? Think about the things you have placed your mouth on (or placed in your mouth) in your life and then point fingers at dogs. At least you have a choice – they don’t have opposable thumbs!

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