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Have you ever been scammed online?

Asked by borderline_blonde (1676points) January 14th, 2010

I regularly get junk email from alleged credit card companies asking me to “confirm” my account number, as well as work-at-home deals requiring a membership fee, etc. I’ve fortunately never fallen for it, but some of these scams are pretty convincing and I can see how someone might. Has it ever happened to you? What were the consequences?

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I get all the same mail that you do but I have never caught bait. I have never yet been scammed online and let’s hope it stays that way.

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I’m the same as Simone_De_Beauvoir. But my mom has fallen for scams. If you sent out a million emails and .1% of people reply you can make a ton of money very fast.

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I get em too never open them- I get really funny ones from nigeria and senegal that I do read just for larfs

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The good old days of Ebay had its problems.

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yeah – not scammed by a junk email, but i bought vitamins online for $30, I never received the vitamins, and the company charged me $400 in $30 increments all at once. I had to dispute the charges and shut down my bank account. It was a big pain

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@eternal_serenity What a nightmare! It’s sad that some companies take advantage of people, not only because it sucks for the customer but also because it gives a bad rep to some legitimate smaller online companies.

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No, but I do find them awfully amusing. If I’m bored, I’ll send them bogus information (not from my real email address) to pollute their databases.

I especially like the scams where the writer has an incredibly poor understanding of common American English and the return email address domain is hotmail or AOL such as (totally fictitious email address that I made up).

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