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What are some of the most difficult questions you have been asked?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 14th, 2010

It could be a question someone else asks, or one you ask yourself. It could be about anything. All that is necessary is that you agonized over the answer.

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Why am I going through all these problems?

I’m an analyst in nature and as a profession, but lately things have been rough on me and my family. . . and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to go about things without too much abrassion on everyone.

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“What are you gunna do now?”

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Do you love me?

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Are you happy?
What is the purpose of your life all about?
And the all time kicker…..Why? Just because is not the right answer to that either I found out.

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“Are you going to confront him (your abuser) or not?” – asked by myself.

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I have never had a difficult question.

Giving an answer, now that can be a challenge.

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I’m usually good with these but when a close male friend asked me in earnest if I thought his absolute nutjob of a girlfriend may be crazy, I found myself saying ”you know – I don’t think that’s a question that I really can answer…

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“Is it cancer?”

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This question “What are some of the most difficult questions you’ve been asked?” I can’t seem to formulate any other answer, but I’m an open person so if someone really asked me something even if it was personal then I would still give an answer almost nothing is taboo as far as I’m concerned. So no I’m not trying to be a smart arse but I’ve never agonized over a question like this even on my bio final, this is the most difficult question I’ve been asked thus far, so congrats @daloon.

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Up until 10 years ago, I used to hear “why are you drunk again?” often. Happily, I haven’t heard that one in a long time.

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“Is my baby OK?” when it wasn’t

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When did you decide to be gay?

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What would make you happy?

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On a first date with a single mom… walk her to her front door… when she opens it a little kid is standing there.. looks up at me and asks “Are you my daddy?”

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The toughest ones by far are from people who are obviously depressed and suicidal, and are reaching out for help. I want to help, but am always concerned I might do more harm than good.

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Not as much difficult as it is STUPID: Why are you gay?

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Pretty much any question my 5 year old asks me that starts with “Why”...

The questions themselves are pretty inoccuous – “why does the sun go down?”, “why do people get sick?”, etc… but it’s answering in a way that is developmentally appropriate that’s the kicker.

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Doesn’t Daddy love me? Why won’t he stop drinking so he can come to see me?
asked by my Kindergarten-aged son after I had to have visitation revoked becuase my then estranged husband had attempted an overdose and still refused to go into Rehab.

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The dreaded never ending, “What ifs”. Or, the question I’ve pondered about myself, “If you could get all you ever wanted, would you be willing to give up everything you ever had?”.

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- Why do I believe what I do believe in?
– How am I so sure that what I believe in is true?
– Do I really love him?

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“Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour”

I try so hard not to be rude to these people.
I resent their self-righteous intrusiveness.

Those who do not respond to my polite request to leave my door immediately, I offer the opportunity to see if they can outrun my dog. I then start counting slowly down from 10.

My big dog is a sweetie who would not hurt anybody or anything other than a Milk Bone.
The door knocking evangelists don’t know that! I never let him out of the house loose when people are outside the house!

I don’t impose my religious beliefs on anyone and I insist that others refrain from forcing theirs on me.

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Why aren’t you married yet?

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Where is my Aunt?

My Nephew had realized that all the other uncles he had were married.
When he asked me that, I wondered as well.

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Who’s your daddy?

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“What is the average airspeed of an unladen swallow?”

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“African or European?”

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“Tell me about yourself?” I go blank. Sad I know.

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@Just_Justine I absolutely abhor that question. As well as questions that say “what’s the [superlatve] [thing/event] in your life?” I like much more specific questions that get you to hone in on something.

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@Just_Justine Just look disparagingly at your watch and ask them in all seriousness, “How much time do you have?”

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