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How long do you have to go without sleep before you start to hallucinate or act crazy?

Asked by theredjawa (480points) February 29th, 2008

I have been awake for about 40 hours so far.

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Less than a second. I can act crazy or hallucinate right after I get up.

But the most dramatic and interesting effect of sleep deprivation I’ve observed in myself was once after getting not enough sleep several days in a row and doing computer work. At the end of that week, after the project was complete, I noticed that the logical part of my brain seemed to be unconscious, though the “right hemisphere” was still awake and having fun being goofy. I decided to take an online IQ test then, and I think I’d lost about 30–40 point compared to when I’d taken it awake some time before (and I had the advantage of having taken it before).

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try it and let us know

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HAHA! I have just been working out a lot the last couple days and I guess the endorphins are keeping we amped. I’m not even tired right now.

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Many people have a very difficult time at the 3 day mark. This is where paranoia and disorientation usually start to kick in if I recall.

Having pulled 2 all nighters in a row once in college, I can safely say my limit is about 55 hours before I basically get muscle cramps and flu-like symptoms.

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yea longest ive stayed up was 4 days. I used to always try to see how long I could stay up for in the summer when i was younger. As freerangemonkey said at about the 3 day mark stuff begins to get pretty weird.

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Legally you are considered crazy after 72 hours straight of no sleep. I am not sure how long you have to sleep for after that to reverse the crazy verdict.

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I am at 53 hours right now.

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I don’t think you are legally “crazy” after any amount of time without sleep (@omfgTALIjustIMDu—Do you have a link?), but I have heard that after around 24 hours, you are as impaired as if you’d had two or three beers.

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57 hours now. I’m not really trying. I’m just not tired.

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@poser, it was in some law textbook I was flipping through but I’ll see if I can find some more proof to back that up. (The situation in the book was that someone was convicted of something and was tried as mentally ill because they had not slept for over 72 hours before they committed the crime).

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I’m at 60 hours. To begin with I just wasn’t tired. I’m still not really tired but now I kind of want to see how long I can go. Hey if I start acting weird my brother can film it and put it on ebay! LOL!

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So, when you snort the sudafed do you crush them up first or just huff ‘em whole?


60 hours is a long time. Let’s hear what happens after the 72 hour mark…

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Nice. I have insomnia often but I have never gone this long. Besides coffee and energy drinks, and food I haven’t had anything else. And I have those regularly anyway.

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If anybody is interested I have just started blogging/making videos about my not sleeping and posting them on Youtube. I have the same name there so you can find them under theredjawa.

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At what point did you start blogging and making videos? That might be your answer…

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Ive blogged before. After 72 hours I gave up and went to sleep. I only slept for five hours and have not gone back to sleep yet.

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i stayed awake for 4 days at my friends LAN party then i proceeded to sleep for 27 hours, then my family played a trick on me and told me it was actually the day i slept through and i was going crazy trying to do everything….it was bad..then they told me

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ask Britney Spears

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I’m no doctor but I would have to guess that staying awake for extended periods of time like that can’t be healthy.

After reading this information, now I know for sure it is not healthy. In fact, it is so unhealthy it is scary.

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I’ve read that a week of not sleeping is fatal. That’s 168 hours, just so you know, theredjawa.

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new years eve i was awake for 49 hours.. by the end of it i was walking home from my friends house and i started hallucinating things.. i thought i could see people but when i got close enough they werent there. thought i could hear people talking and laughing.. everything was trippy. Im not sure if it was sleep deprivation or taking mephedrone for a long period of time or the combination of the two but it was a weird experience.

and apparently you will sleep before you die, your body will shut down and force you to sleeep…

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I’m about to tell you it’s true really happen and it really happened when I was 19 I had a nervous breakdown and I was feeling guilty because I have been a person that went to church for years and I got my girlfriend pregnant and I could couldn’t sleep had a nervous breakdown I couldn’tcouldn’t sleep for six months and I can tell you that you do you do hallucinate every time we went to the hamburger place to eat I have not ate for days

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